Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My YW Handout

When I was first put into YW a friend and I went to “This is the Place” (LDS store) I was looking for something maybe to give to them when they each had a birthday. This was this last August. I came across this (pictured below) in the store and fell in love with it. I was given a Handkerchief when I was in YW (did not look this cute but still great) but I was to save it for my wedding day. I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to get each girl one. Well they were $6 each at the store, and when you have 10 active girls in your Laurel class and sometimes the Mia Maids join in with us since they have not called an Advisor for them quite yet, which there is only 3 of them… I knew buying them was not an option. Plus, making them would be so much more fun!

So, I bought the ONE that they had in the store, and took it to my mom asking if she could help me with making them. So this last Sunday was the lesson that was on Temple Marriage.

We made 15 of them. SUPER CUTE!

Top is made out of paper, then stuck to a folded handkerchief that my mom made with extra white fabric and lace and I bought craft wire and just molded the wire to look like a hanger.

I felt like my lesson went well with the spirit and then to present these at the end and to see their faces was priceless. I pray that these girls, and my own girls, know how truly important it is to get married to the right person in the right place by the right authority.

So here is a picture of the finished product:

005 Looks like an army of them… they are so fun!!!!!

I did have 2 left over and I think I want to frame them with a picture of a Temple behind it and hang it in my girls rooms.



.:Anna:. said...

They turned out adorable!

.:Anna:. said...

They turned out adorable!

.:Anna:. said...

Nice! I posted like, three times!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

those are amazing!!! what an awesome idea!

Breeanna said...

I love that Idea :) Great Job

Chapples said...

super cute!