Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

So last night we had our Ward Halloween Party and since we were on the Activities Committee we had fun setting up and planning for it.
Here are some pictures of our night.
We dressed up as Star Wars.
Alma was Han Solo
I was Princess Leia
and Kaitlyn was Yoda.

Here is the church after we decorated.

Here is our Amazing Bishop with his wife and Kaitlyn.
Their Costume was my favorite... and I am not going to lie... I wanna do it next year.

My handsome Han Solo... running the Booth we were in charge of.

All the kids in our ward in their Costumes.
It was so much fun to have Kaitlyn see all her friends dressed up!
They had a Costume Contest and she took 1st place in the little kids category.

Kaitlyn and her friend

Wrapping up a Mummy... we got so dizzy!

So we passed a Yarn Ball around in a circle and held on tight to make a spider web.
To test its strength we threw Kaitlyn on there. It was pretty cute to see her face.

There was a Pumpkin Carving Contest

And then we tried to Pop Balloons that were tied to eachothers feet.

It was a great Halloween Party!
We took her Trick a Treating tonight and she totally knew what was going on.
Not hard to catch on I suppose.
We felt bad though because EVERYONE thought she was a boy.
I guess that is what we get for dressing her like Yoda!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Fun

I love Fall!! Especially where we live, there are so many trees and leaves that fall.
I keep thinking that I need to take as many photos as I can of Kaitlyn and her friends so she can always remember her friends from Wymount.
When we were all outside playing in the leaves, I thought this was a great time to take some pictures. Enjoy!

My silly girl and Pumpkins

Kaitlyn loves to pretend to sleep and then have us say, "WAKE UP" and "Go to sleep" and back and forth while she closes and opens her eyes. It is a fun game at our place.

She put all her friends to sleep and then she was pretending to sleep too!

On Wed. we had some of our friends over and carved Pumpkins. We drank Root Beer and ate yummy Puppy Chow and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
It was so much fun and we are going to miss them a lot.

I didn't get pictures of us carving, but I did get the finished projects!!

The Richards did one together and theirs in on the left and mine is the spider on the right.

Alma did a creepy Tree with bats!
It was such a fun time!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Primary Program

This is more for my records but feel free to read about how Kaitlyn was in the Primary Program this year.

Since our ward is a Married Student Ward, our Primary has about 2 kids. But the Nursery has about 12 or so. So they invited the Nursery to be a part of the Primary Program.

They had all the Families with kids in the Program sit in the first 3 rows.

They had all the 3 year olds and older, even if the three year old was still in Nursery, stand up and say a Line. So while we were sitting (up in the front) each kid would get up and say their line. Since we live in an amazing place and we get to play with all of the kids in our ward everyday, Kaitlyn knows all their names.

So as each one took the stand and walked up to the Microphone, Kaitlyn would say, (pretty loudly) "Nathans Turn", "Joys Turn!" "Sharps Turn."

It was pretty cute to see.

Then she got to go up and sing 4 songs with all the kids. She would go up and stand right in the middle on the stools. It was adorable. We werent sure if she would go up without us, but she had no problem.

We practiced "Follow the Prophet" a lot at home for the week before the Program and she looked so cute singing along to it, especially the part that says, "Don't go astray" (cute little finger waving side to side)
After the 1st verse of Follow the Prophet, she yelled out, "BEAM?" which she does whenever we finish singing a song, she requests a different one. She wanted to sing Sunbeam next.

Then the next time she got up they started to play the intro to the next song... a softer song, and she busts out into a solo during the intro... singing "PROPHET! PROPHET! LAAAA LAAAA!" It was adorable.

Then as they started to sing the song that was next she looked at the Chorister with a very serious face and put her finger to her mouth and "SHHH'd" her. I suppose she was having them sing the wrong song.

Anyway, it was so fun to have her be in the Primary Program at such a young age and we were so proud of her.
We love you Kaitlyn!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Attempting Pig Tails...

So the other day, Kaitlyn was playing with one of my Hair bands and so Alma took it and put a pony tail on the top of her hair... Gave me a thought... maybe we could do something. So I got little rubberbands for cheap and we did Pig tails.
She loves them... Always talking about her Tails, and checking herself out in the mirror.
My sister in law Viky gave me some curlers so we curled the back of her hair too.
Super cute.
It is still pretty short but it is fun to do a change, from her usual hairstyle... which is doing nothing.

The back
For FHE this last week we made Homemade Oreos and our lesson was on Gratitude.
So we made Thank you Cards to Kaitlyns Nursery leaders that just got relased and also the ones that we called. 6 couples. It was so fun to run around and drop off cookies and tell the leaders Thank you for their service.
I love FHE.
After making all the cookies, there were none left for us, and I was wondering if she would be sad she didn't get any, but She was ok. I guess Service feels better than eating cookies.
But I will admit, later this week we made cookies. :)

Helping us taste test the frosting!

All this fun must make you tired!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Having fun with Grandma and Cousins

My sister went on a Cruise and was gone for about 10 days and so my Mom came up from Texas to Lehi to watch her boys while she was away. It was so much fun to have her around and get to spend time with her and have Kaitlyn hang out with cousins.

We went to the Zoo and then afterwards got a ice cream sundae!
You can tell them loved them!

Being silly and getting every last drop!!

We had loads of fun and I didn't take a ton of Photos, but we did have a movie party in our Jammies and ate Popcorn and watched Curious George.

Went to the Park and had a picnic!

Let Zach run with just a diaper.

Read stories with Grandma

Towards the end of the week my Dad came up too to help and it was so fun to get to spend time with them. It went too fast but it was a great time
When we were done with all of our fun with Grandma and Grandpa we all got a little sick and the weather finally changed to cool fall weather.
The only thing that Kaitlyn wanted some days was to sit in her infant car seat and watch Winnie the Pooh. I even had to buckle her in and put up the handle and the visor. Silly girl.

And she is getting more hair and so today for church we decided to put in a clip. Her hair is pretty long in the back and sides but not in the front. It was no longer in when we picked her up from Nursery, but I was not expecting it to. But it is kind of fun. We curled the back ends too.