Monday, June 23, 2008

Ultimate anyone?

Alma had a Frisbee game on Friday night and also two more on Saturday morning. He won the one Friday night, but lost the two on Saturday. But they had a great time.
This is Alma getting his shoes tied. He is in the yellow.
Alma playing, he is the one in the middle with the frisbee.
Team meeting after the game. He is #3.

My dirty hubby coming home from a long week of work...

This is the beard that Alma grew out for a couple weeks. He had to shave for his frisbee game. You don't get the chance to really grow a beard out up here at BYU-Idaho, so it is a fun change.
Frontal shot.
Alma has been working so hard on this one house in Wyoming. He is caulking this one house all by himself. He wipes the extra stuff on his pants. So his pants are getting heavier and heavier... he picks some of it off so it doesn't get too heavy. It is a good thing he has work pants, cuz it really ruins a pair of pants.
This is Alma when he got home. I think he is cute all dirty from work and all rough-looking.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

tHe BaTeS rEuNiOn!!

Last Wednesday, on the way to the reunion we stopped at Kacey's house and celebrated Alma's birthday that was last Thurs. She was sweet enough to let us crash for a night and also helped me get stuff ready for his birthday surprise dinner. Thanks again Kacey! You made his birthday special!

So this last weekend we went to Gandy, Utah and we had so much fun with Crafts, swimming in creeks, paper airplane contests, and roping (fake) bulls. Here are a bunch of pictures of us and the Bates family adventures.

This is a picture of where we camped from a distance. It was all desert and then a huge patch of trees where Alma's Uncle lives. It didn't feel like we were out in the Nevada/Utah desert!

This is where we stayed at the reunion. Alma's dad is the oldest of 10 kids so it was all of his siblings and their kids and their kids.... so it was a lot of people! So this is where all of Alma's siblings and their families stayed.

Where we all had breakfast together. All 100-150 of us.

This is my cute niece and nephew, Alissa and Dallin. They are so adorable.

Me and Alma in our tent... taking a breather from all the fun!

My niece Sophie was minding her own business... eating a twinky, when along came Grandpa Bates.... he poured water on her head. I couldn't help but laugh. He has so much fun with those grandkids.

Here is Alma throwing his paper airplane. I was so surprised how far it went!! He came in 2nd for the paper airplanes, 1st for the adult scavenger hunt and 2nd in the roping. I am so proud of him for doing so well in everything he tries at.

Here is Dallin... singing the theme to Indiana Jones. He is 4 years old, and all weekend he would sing it over and over again. It got stuck in all of our heads. It was so cute!

Here is Alma roping. He did such a great job. After the tournament was over, all the ropers were just timing themselves without the pressure and he and his partner got a time of 1.82 seconds from start to finish roping head and feet. The fastest time in the tournament was 3.10 seconds... which was him also. But after all the factors in... he came in a close second.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Me and Alma gettin ready for church!

Alma was mad at me because I wasn't getting ready fast enough.
This is his mad, but I love you, face.

Here is me... after I was ready for Church...
playing with my new camera.

Here is Alma and me... I was curling my hair...
you can see the curling iron below my left ear.

All ready for church... we don't start church till 1:30pm
so we had all morning to get ready. I guess that is why
we took silly pictures and took our time getting ready.

So on Saturday I went to my friend Julies Bridal shower. She is getting married on July 4th. So every year there will be fireworks on her anniversary. Pretty cool idea. I loved her dress, it was so cute!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok so we finally bought a new camera last night and i love it so much!! Here is me riding home from Idaho Falls just after we bought it. I just had to take a pic!!! so i am going to be taking a lot more pictures of the Bates' adventures!! i am so excited... so keep looking at this site even though you might be a little frustrated that it is never updated!! cuz now it will be!! :)