Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly Silly Silly Post

So sometimes I wonder what Kaitlyn would look like with hair, so me and my mom decided to have a little bit of fun yesterday.

So, I tipped my head forward... and these were our results:

Big forehead!!

And.... Back to Normal.

Maybe it isn't such a bad thing she doesn't have a lot of hair!

I will say, she hated doing this. Otherwise we probably would have taken a lot more of them. I guess the hair was really tickling her face!

Monday, March 16, 2009

NeW cHaIr aNd PiNk fLoWeRs!

Our little girl is growing everyday and I am loving all the new things that she does daily!

Every night I am excited about what tomorrow will bring! She is using her hands more and more. She is getting good at grabbing things and is starting to suck on her hands, which I think is adorable.

We bought her a new chair, she always wants to sit up and be a big girl, which is hard to constantly sit her on my lap.... I would never get anything done! She doesn't mind laying on the floor, flat, but she doesn't last as long as I would like.

Here she is in her new chair. She turns her head so she can look at the Elephants on it. She is so observant and we personally think she is a genius.

She loves the toy that Grandma Chamberlain got for her! Always hugging it and holding it! and of course tasting it.
And she loves her warm booties that Grandma Bates made for her!
Thanks Grandmas!

She was dressed all pretty in pink and since the rain stopped after 4 straight days, we just had to go outside in the sun and take pictures today. My parents have this beautiful bush with all these pink flowers!

Oh! and she is starting to giggle and laugh out loud which is the most fun thing that a Mom and Dad can hear. We just adore everything about her!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kaitlyn Rolled Over!

We are so proud of our little girl! Last night we were getting ready to give her a bath and we laid her on the counter by the mirror on a towel and she was looking at herself in the mirror. Really arching her back and then she started to Roll Over!

We tried so hard to not help her and then she did it!

I ran and got my mom and she did it again~ (we weren't sure if it was a mistake)

Now today she has done it a ton, so we got one of her on video to share! We are so proud of her~ Back to front seems really hard! She just turned 3 months on March 3rd so we think she is a quick learner!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tres Meses!

I can't believe Kaitlyn is 3 months! She is so much fun and is growing so fast. Sorry all my posts are about her, she is more interesting than Alma and I.

Tummy time is getting better!!

I will tell you a little about what is going on with us. Alma's internship is going great. He is working hard and commuting an hour and a half to Houston. Becoming a great freeway driver!

I am so proud of his hard work and all that he does for us.

They just gave him the OK to work overtime if he would like now that it is getting to the busy season!

And he just found out that he got accepted to Boise State for Graduate School! We are still waiting to hear back from other schools too but it is great to know that we have that as an option!