Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tres Meses!

I can't believe Kaitlyn is 3 months! She is so much fun and is growing so fast. Sorry all my posts are about her, she is more interesting than Alma and I.

Tummy time is getting better!!

I will tell you a little about what is going on with us. Alma's internship is going great. He is working hard and commuting an hour and a half to Houston. Becoming a great freeway driver!

I am so proud of his hard work and all that he does for us.

They just gave him the OK to work overtime if he would like now that it is getting to the busy season!

And he just found out that he got accepted to Boise State for Graduate School! We are still waiting to hear back from other schools too but it is great to know that we have that as an option!


Venturing Vosses said...

Congrats on all the hard work paying off. Looks like your baby is growing fast. It's so fun to able to keep track of you guys a little better!

Krissandra said...

I can't believe our babies are 3 months! Time has gone by way too fast! It is fun to watch them grow.

I am glad things are going so well for you and alma. And back to Idaho??... When will that be?

crosshairly said...

yay for bsu!!