Monday, February 23, 2009

'CaUsE yOu'Ve OnLy GoT 1o0 yEaRs To LiVe!

As you can see, Kaitlyn is growing fast. She will be 12 weeks this Wed. and I am surprised at all the things she can do. She is starting to really focus on things better now like her hands and the writing on the inside of her car seat.

She has this look like, "When did this get here!"
I love seeing her grow and progress and do new things.

Always showing cute little faces!

Smiling with mom!

"Gotta love me!"

She is always looking around not wanting to miss anything~

This is a new toy that Grandma Chamberlain bought her.
Now that she is starting to use her hands~
She loves looking at it and every now and again she gives it a little smile.

She did get really sick this last week and I am not going to lie, it really hard to see such a small thing so helpless and in pain. We hung in there and took good care of her and she is doing A LOT better now and we are so happy to have our cute little smiley girl back!
She is such a sweetheart and we love her so much!

Monday, February 9, 2009

BaTh TiMe!!

Kaitlyn LOVES bath time! We give her a bath every single night and she loves being pampered! I know that through the years, we most likely will not get around to doing this for all our kids, but it is fun for us right now!

She gets so excited. No matter how cranky, hungry or tired she is, as soon as she gets in the bathroom, she knows!!! IT'S BATH TIME!!! She is all smiles and boy does she love it!

She gets to spend some quality time with Mom & Dad...

And even though she is too big for her tub... she still loves it...

And she always checks herself out in the mirror.
(Probably wondering why she sees two daddies and two mommies!)

And then she is all ready to go to bed!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Weekend fun~

So it was Superbowl Sunday so we had a little PaRtY with yummy snacks. Ice cooler with Rootbeer, chicken fingers, Taquitos, Chips Salsa/ spinach dip, deviled eggs, smoked sausages, and a yummy veggie tray. It was so fun!!! Who played... i am not sure... jk. But for those of you who know me, i am not a huge football fan. But it was a lot of fun~

So Saturday was a Beautiful day so we played basketball. It was so nice to get out and play hoops- We played knock out and 2 on 2. Right after playing 2 hours of basketball we played 2 hours of frisbee
with some friends of mine from the singles ward who are all married now. It was a very active day but we love it, especially since it is in January!

So, while we all played basketball, Kaitlyn hung out in her stroller on the grass in the shade. She was such a great girl. (she always is) and a couple times when i went over there to check on her, she had lost her pacifier and was going to town sucking on the pillow around her. (picture below)

It was really funny to see. She just likes to lick everything. Whenever i hold her she licks my shirt. It is pretty fun to see her tongue always busy, even right after i feed her. She was presented with a problem (loosing the pacifier) and she solved it. She is our little problem solver~ Doesn't need mom and dad to fix her problems~ she can do it on her own!!

So tummy time has been the only thing i would say Kaitlyn has struggled with. But within the last couple days she has been doing better and she is happy about it, which makes me happy too!

On Friday, we had our friends Anna and Jeff and Andy and Heather over and we made Pizzas (Chicken Alfredo and Pepperoni) and had chocolate fondue and played Clue~ It was so much fun to hang out with them and enjoy their company. All in all, it was an awesome weekend!