Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What I do on my day off....

So I had the day off and I was on Almas computer and I found a program called Photo Booth. It is way too much fun. Plus, I never post on our blog, let alone pictures of me so here is me... just being silly.

Kind of scary if you ask me. It doesn't even look like me!!!!

I have got my eye on you!

I am an ELF. I love the ear on the right.

This is my Jay Leno Photo.

And.... Just in case you forgot what I really look like.....

And even though Alma was at work... here is some of the pictures that he took on this program before.... so he doesn't feel left out.

And him back to normal.

Our fun Friday Night

So we pulled out our bed in our living room and had a little party. We made frozen pizzas and popcorn. It was so much fun to watch a movie in bed. It was a lot of fun.