Friday, November 20, 2009

Dance Dance!

I love hanging out with Kaitlyn all day. She loves listening to music and dancing. I have noticed whenever I even sing without any music she stops what she is doing and dances. Here are so videos of her dancing! I love it and can't get enough of this girl!

I love how she is just eating Goldfish crackers and dancing while holding a cell phone~such a girl.

Fireflies by Owl City is one of her FAVORITE songs. Whenever she plays it she gets excited!

And of course, gotta listen to Miley Cyrus' new song!

(Please excuse my singing at the end

I was even singing the wrong words...)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Everyone should have a pet Baby"

Seriously, Having a kid is so much fun! My mom always says, "Everyone should have a pet baby" and I agree! Life is so fun when you have a child!
I am loving the age that Kaitlyn is at right now. 11 months! She constantly keeps me on my toes and entertains us.
Last week, she cut her 1st tooth, I know, 11 months is old for the 1st tooth, but she also had a fever the 1st part of the week. Since she has been feeling a little bit better, she has a new love for life. You know how it is after you are sick and then you get better. You appreciate your health.
Unfortunately, me and Alma got sick the day after she got better with something awful. And even though we feel like we can barely move, Kaitlyn does a good job at keeping us entertained.
She LoVeS to put things around her head. Clothes, hand towels, cameras, diaper bags name it!
She put this dress on all by herself, and has done it many times since, along with the camera around her head.
(Video at bottom of post)

Dress she put on all by herself.

Loves playing with bowls and spoons!

And of course, carrying moms Diaper bag/Purse.
One of her favorites.

This video cracks me up. She always tries to put things around her head, and I didn't think it wouldn fit, but boy did she prove me wrong. She loves having things on her head. Silly girl!

She walked around the house with the camera on her head FOREVER! It was just swinging in front of her face.
And I love this Big Smile she just started doing. Scrunching her whole face with the biggest smile she can make.
( I have a picture of me when I was little with this same smile)

Yeah.... My daughter Rocks!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun Filled Halloween Week/weekend

We have had a great week, lots of fun with family and friends.
On Halloween we went and got Carmel Apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the strawberry cheesecake flavor, then we went to Jump on it, then Trunk or Treating, and then we went and dressed up like burritos (wrapped ourselves in Foil) and each got Free Chipotle Burritos! and then played games with friends. It was an awesome day!

Here is Kaitlyn in her halloween costume being an angel.

Our close friends Todd and Nicki from Idaho came to visit! It was so awesome to meet their son Everett for the 1st time! Isn't he Perfect!?

We went to Jump on it a place lined with Tramps... even on the walls!
This picture of Alma is great! Really looks like he is flying!

Family shots at 'Jump on it'

So much fun!!

Last Tuesday was a play group Halloween Party in our ward. It was so fun to see all the Costumes!

Group Picture

We love Carving Pumpkins for Halloween... here is Alma's Mummy.

And my flying Bat!

(Kate ate goldfish crackers and watched)

Angel Shot!

And last but not least, I turned my back for a second only to find Kate in the pantry surrounded by chocolate chips and drooling chocolate. This is not the 1st time this has happened, but I did decided to take a picture!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!