Saturday, December 12, 2009

SiLLy PiCtUrEs!

So, Kaitlyn has been so much fun. And over the last couple days we have taken some silly pictures of her.
Here we go:

She is getting some hair! More in the back then what you can see here.

Drying herself off after a bath.
(Do you like her new little chair? She loves sitting in it!)

After bathtime!

She loves things on her head...

Her new Bath Numbers! She loves playing with them. They stick to the tub and walls, so we decided to stick them to her. She thought it was funny.

Like I said, she loves things on her head. Here she is modeling one of her shirts... on her head.

Being silly and eating Goldfish Crackers...

Just playing in the Pantry with a shirt on her head. Normal day for Kaitlyn.

She is so silly... she will just leave it on her head forever!

So, nothing too new... Just some photos from the life of a 1 year old!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictures of our apartment

Well we have been living at our apartment for almost 3 months and I havent posted pictures yet... so here we go.
Here is the Balcony which is actually included in the 550 sq feet!!!

...and here is our amazing Pantry! It is huge! lots of space.
It keeps going to the left.
Then we have the kitchen
Gas Oven/Stove!
Then this is looking at our Living Room... from the Kitchen
That is our front door to the left.

Picture of the other side of our living room and Kitchen and table.
Pantry is to the right of the kitchen.

There is our front window and the door to our balcony.

This is our hallway...
Bathroom door on the right. Storage closet on the right and then Kaitlyns room straight ahead.

Our bedroom to the left and a coat closet right on the left.

Bathroom... with two fancy mirrors.

Kaitlyns room....

One more shot of bathroom..

Back to Kates room...

Kates room... (with her belly hanging out. Sorry. She is in that inbetween stage where 6-9 months is too small and 12 months is too big) That shirt is pushed up a little bit though, so it is not as small as it seems.

Our bedroom

Our storage closet is the brown church curtain one, and then our clothes closet is the white one on the left.

Our storage closet opened. I love it!!!

The Cinder block walls arent as bad as I thought they would be and we really feel like this place is home! We are loving it and hope you enjoyed the tour.. all 550 sq feet of it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

sNoW & Birthday Part II

So I decided that I love the snow... If I dont have to go out in it. When I get to be in my apartment and look out my window I love it. But I do hate having to go out and drive in it.
At our apartment now in Provo, we have a huge window in our front room and this is our view. It is so beautiful... and Private! with all the trees. Especially since our whole ward of apartments all face towards eachother in a square.
So here are some pictures of the snow we got in the last 2 days... from out my balcony and window.

This picture is on our balcony... looking to the right:

This is our view straight out of our window:

Looking down at the ground... we are on the 3rd floor...

And here is Kate eating Spaghetti:
When I waited tables I hated when kids got spaghetti, such a mess to clean... but it is fun to give to your own kid!

No... this picture is not Kaitlyn... it is her friend Makenzie! This last Saturday we had the pleasure of watching her so her parents could have a hott date~ She was so happy under the table. Such a good little girl!

At Kaitlyns b-day we didnt get the chance to really let her go out a cupcake... so the next day we did. Here are the pictures of it:

"Whats this all about?"

"I think I like this...."

"Yup... I liked it and mmmmmm....mmmm. Lets have b-days everyday!"

And here is a little video if it too...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The life of a ONE year old!

Kaitlyn turned ONE!
We sure do love this little girl! She is so much fun to be with and brings so much light to our day.
There are a bunch of random pictures of her that I have taken the last couple weeks and then pictures of her little birthday party last night.
So enjoy! Sorry there is a lot~

Kaitlyn loves to play in our closet. I think mainly because it is so high up like a stage. Here is a picture of her climbing up into the closet.
Standing in our closet

I love that she is always wanting to get up there. See the world from a new view!

We bought her a big girl car seat now that she is older. I am really excited about putting it in our car and her being forward facing. We have just had it chillin' in our aparment and she loves playing on it. Sitting and standing in it. It is a lot easier to get her in and out of it than her newborn one.

Since her Birthday was yesterday I had her help with the whole process of making her cupcakes for her party. I thought maybe if she watched me make them she would want to eat them more when it came time to. Which I think really worked!

Love that BIG smile!

She was spoiled all day long.
She loved tasting the homemade frosting!

Here she is at her b-day party!
after she ate a cupcake!
Her nose has had a couple of rough falls the last couple of days and also at the party, so please excuse her little red nose...
Shannon and Hillary came!!! It was so great to have them there along with my good friend Morgan and her ADORABLE little boy Ethan!!!
Eating her cupcake!
We were setting up her shopping cart!
Branson and Zach were there! So glad my sister Kacey could come! And my brother came down also! so great to have family and friends there!

Pushing her new shopping cart!

Daddy helping her open presents...

(she didnt really get that into it)

Me showing her how to open presents

...& My friend Heather from my apartment complex was there! So glad her and Mackenzie could make it!
And the Video of us singing to her on her Birthday! Thanks to all those near and far... who thought of us on her special day....

Here is a little video of her eating off the beaters... Dont worry I unplugged the kitchen aid... Just in case you were wondering :)