Saturday, December 12, 2009

SiLLy PiCtUrEs!

So, Kaitlyn has been so much fun. And over the last couple days we have taken some silly pictures of her.
Here we go:

She is getting some hair! More in the back then what you can see here.

Drying herself off after a bath.
(Do you like her new little chair? She loves sitting in it!)

After bathtime!

She loves things on her head...

Her new Bath Numbers! She loves playing with them. They stick to the tub and walls, so we decided to stick them to her. She thought it was funny.

Like I said, she loves things on her head. Here she is modeling one of her shirts... on her head.

Being silly and eating Goldfish Crackers...

Just playing in the Pantry with a shirt on her head. Normal day for Kaitlyn.

She is so silly... she will just leave it on her head forever!

So, nothing too new... Just some photos from the life of a 1 year old!

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Venturing Vosses said...

She is so big! Hope you have a good Christmas. When you come see the zip line we'll have to meet up!