Friday, April 30, 2010

FHE and Success!!

Well, We have taken the Binki away Cold Turkey. It has gone a lot better than I thought it would. This is more for my record, or if you are interested in how long it takes you can keep reading....
The first night which was Friday, She cried for 20 mins.
Her 1st nap, Saturday, she cried 10 mins, slept for only an hour. Which usually she sleeps 2.5-3 hours. That night she cried 5 mins.
Then on Sunday, she didn't get a nap because of Church, and that night she only cried about 7 mins.
Then Monday nap she cried and cried for about 45 mins, and only slept for 35 mins, and then last night she cried for about 3 mins.
And then today for her nap she cried about 3 mins and slept for 3 hours!!! and then tonight she didn't cry at all when we put her down!
Which made me SUPER happy. That is how she was before I took it away, and I hope she continues to go to bed without crying. I am ok if we have to take a couple steps back every now and again, but I am very proud of her for doing so well. Good job Kaitlyn! Growing up and being a big girl! We love you!

Here she is, wearing Daddys shoes!
(Videos of this at the bottom)

Feeding Ducks for Family Home Evening!

Dad and Kaitlyn

Mom and Kaitlyn

Bates Family at the Duck Pond!
Which she loved!! She kept saying "Duck" which before it was just "Du.."

Our friends the Chapples, who we enjoyed FHE with. We went to Jay Dawgs!
SOOoooOOoOOOO Yummy! I would definitely recommend!

Kaitlyn playing Peek a Boo at the Park

Kaitlyn and Makenzie hugging.
They do that a lot.

Getting ready to Drive!

Tonight I made a Chicken Pot Pie!
Super Easy!

3 Cups of Chopped Chicken
16 oz of frozen veggies
8oz of Velveeta--cut into 1/2" squares
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 can (8oz) of Refridgerated Crescent Rolls
Cook at 375 for 20-25 mins
***Mix all together in pan and top with Crescent Rolls***
Enjoy! We really loved it.
You can find more great Recipes at!

Here she is wearing Dads shoes

Alma put her shoes on her and then put her feet in his shoes and then tightened his shoes so she could walk better.

2nd Post Today...Binki, Broccoli and Cheese

Tonight we took away her Binki. I have to admit, it broke my heart to see her so sad. I tried to tell her it was broken (I cut it) and she knew it wasn't the same, but she couldn't let it go. She really didn't want to throw it away, so we decided to put her to bed without it. She really loves it and I know that it is probably going to be a tough road for the week. But she fell asleep after only 20 mins of crying which gives me hope!

So, on a happy note: Kaitlyn LOVES broccoli! I mean she LOVESSS it.

I put it on the table for dinner and I hear a little ***gasp*** like she was super excited and wondered what she did to deserve this little green leafy treat. When she ran out of these "little trees" she would reach and hollar for more. I couldn't get her some fast enough. She just loves it and could eat it all the time.

I guess we should tell her as she gets older that it is a treat and when she is good we will give it to her. I must admit, I am ok that she loves broccoli. She also likes spinach.

She cracks me up when it comes to veggies and adult food. She really loves things that Adults would like. The more seasoning and more taste she loves. Nothing bland for this girl. We made homemade Chipotle last night for dinner and I have to admit, it was a little spicy for me and was making my nose run, but not this girl. She couldn't get enough of that chicken! I hope this keeps up as she continues to grow. I love that she loves Food. Healthy food at that!

After dinner she found the bag of grated cheese and dumped it on the floor, the Shag rug to be exact. As we cleaned it up, she was stuffing it in her mouth as fast as she could! It was raining cheese and she was lovin' it!

I was a little mad at first, but we decided to take a picture and laugh about it. Not too much, cuz we dont want her to do that again!

TeXaS tRiP

We took a trip to Texas for a couple reasons:

1. To interview with Deliotte Accounting for a summer Internship
2. Interview with BDO Seidman for a job after graduation this fall. Jan. '11
3. Look at areas, to know what our options are if we end up there, which is helpful when my mom is in the Real Estate buisness.
4. To let Kaitlyn Party with her Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlain
The trip was a success. We Did all of the above plus lots lots more. It was a great week and here are some pictures about it:

Ps. He was offered a job with both firms and accepted a job with:

Congrats Alma! We are so proud of all your hard work!

On the plane from SLC-Houston

Loving the AC!

Chick-fil-a milkshakes!


Went on walks!

The weather was so nice!

Saw old friends!

Took family Photos after church

Such a pretty little dress!

Fell in love with a neighborhood!

Fell in love with a model house!
Which makes me get excited for when that will happen one day!

Went canoeing with Anna and Jeff!
Thanks again for taking us!

Row row row your boat!

Standing on the Dragons tail!

Helping Grandpa with every chore outside

Made homemade Ice Cream

Played in Grandpas Truck

Saying Goodbye!

With Grandma and Grandpa before leaving for the airport

Ahhhhhh.... feels good to be home and back in our beds.

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything that you have done for us! You have spoiled us and we were so glad to spend all the one on one time with you guys. Thanks again for letting us come and crash on you! I know Kaitlyn had a blast and is missing you guys already!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A few posts from our recent Trip

On the way home from Wells, we stopped by Bountiful for Almas close friend and old roommates wedding reception. Afterwards, we went to Neilsons for some frozen custard! It was soooooooooooo good! I recommend it if you are in the area!
Kaitlyn loved it!

Here are the guys destroying the Bride and Grooms car before their Honeymoon!

The guys to blame... Kaitlyn was not involved.

Us with the Bride and Groom! Such a good looking couple huh!?
(talking about the Bride and Groom)

And of course, Brent massaging Jeremy after a long weekend of Drill.

And here is a video I took before we left for our trip last week. We watched Kaitlyns best friend, so that her Daddy and Alma could go Home Teaching.

Kaitlyn loves having her over.

I love how at the beginning of this video she makes noises of eating a bottle. I do that when she feeds her baby. It is cute to see her showing her friend what a baby makes while eating.

New Post below of our Trip to Wells!!
Keep reading!

Wells Trip!

This last Wednesday Night we drove to Wells, to see Almas Parents and some family. Almas older brother Spencer and his nephew, Michael also headed down the day before us to help Almas Dad with some work around the house. We stayed until Saturday morning and it was so fun to get to spend time with Almas family.

Here is Kaitlyn before we left,
I think toy box would make a great babysitter :)
The boys were helping Grandpa Bates cut down a neighbors tree and while in the process... It fell on a Power line. (which was really tough cuz they had to have it fall inbetween a power line and the house) It was a very small space, the power line was the lucky winner to help the tree break its fall. Needless to say we almost pulled a power line pole right out of the ground! It was kind of rotting and ready to go anyway, maybe it was a good thing we had the Power CO. replace it. :)

Here is Alma and Kate in the green house and his parents house! I love this green house right off the side of their living room and connected to the kitchen. The kitchen is the window behind Alma. I LOVE IT!

Here is Kate Jammin' with the boys

Here she is picking yummy Cherry Tomatos with Grandpa Bates

If you give her food and play with her she will be your best friend!
She REALLY liked Grandpa Bates because he did Both!
There was this one time when she was in the Greenhouse and he found a worm and through it at her bare feet. She really freaked out.
He is such a tease, and we love it!

One of Almas brothers who doesn't live too far from Grandma and Grandpa Bates, came down Friday night so we could all hang out!
And of course we all ended up hanging out in the Greenhouse~
It is just so cool!

Kate watching Grandpa Bates work out back.

It was so much fun to see Rory and his family! Even if Rory did scare Kaitlyn to Death! She wouldn't go anywhere near him. I guess he came in the front door without notice or knocking and she was right by the door. He is pretty tall and someone she doesn't know, so everytime she even got close to him she would pull away or back away slowly. It was pretty cute, him teasing her and all. Such a great weekend!
Here is a video of Kaitlyn with her cousins. She had such a fun time trying to make Dillon laugh! And Josie is so great by reading Green Eggs and Ham!

This video was taken before we left for Nevada. She was just trying to get a pen cap on the pen but she was making the funniest faces~ She really cracks us up!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SpRiNg TiMe ViDeOs!

Alma is amazing help when it comes to Laundry. We live on the 3rd floor in our apartment and to walk all the way to the other side of our quad and carry all the Laundry would take me a couple trips, plus I have Kaitlyn all day long and to take her with me would be more work. He can carry it all at once (strong man, I know!) and get it all done and back up in the apartment in less than 2 hours. Plus, to get the discount for being a student, we have to use his Student ID. Which I dont have. So he does it for me and I am so grateful for his help in that!
Yesterday he headed down to go get the Laundry, and Kaitlyn was really sad when he left. She went out on the balcony and just cried. It breaks my heart that she doesn't quite understand that he will be back. I am sure it makes him feel good to know she missed him. The whole Quad could hear her missing him. It was too cute to not take a picture of.

So sad

Missing her Daddy

Kaitlyn loves the playground outside of our apartment. Here she is going down the slide. She does so well and has no fear!

Here is a view from the top! I love how she just dives!

Here, she and Dad are kicking a soccer ball around

Here is Kate getting pushed around the playground by Alma. I love it too cuz she says, "Beep, Beep!" I love where we live!