Friday, April 30, 2010

FHE and Success!!

Well, We have taken the Binki away Cold Turkey. It has gone a lot better than I thought it would. This is more for my record, or if you are interested in how long it takes you can keep reading....
The first night which was Friday, She cried for 20 mins.
Her 1st nap, Saturday, she cried 10 mins, slept for only an hour. Which usually she sleeps 2.5-3 hours. That night she cried 5 mins.
Then on Sunday, she didn't get a nap because of Church, and that night she only cried about 7 mins.
Then Monday nap she cried and cried for about 45 mins, and only slept for 35 mins, and then last night she cried for about 3 mins.
And then today for her nap she cried about 3 mins and slept for 3 hours!!! and then tonight she didn't cry at all when we put her down!
Which made me SUPER happy. That is how she was before I took it away, and I hope she continues to go to bed without crying. I am ok if we have to take a couple steps back every now and again, but I am very proud of her for doing so well. Good job Kaitlyn! Growing up and being a big girl! We love you!

Here she is, wearing Daddys shoes!
(Videos of this at the bottom)

Feeding Ducks for Family Home Evening!

Dad and Kaitlyn

Mom and Kaitlyn

Bates Family at the Duck Pond!
Which she loved!! She kept saying "Duck" which before it was just "Du.."

Our friends the Chapples, who we enjoyed FHE with. We went to Jay Dawgs!
SOOoooOOoOOOO Yummy! I would definitely recommend!

Kaitlyn playing Peek a Boo at the Park

Kaitlyn and Makenzie hugging.
They do that a lot.

Getting ready to Drive!

Tonight I made a Chicken Pot Pie!
Super Easy!

3 Cups of Chopped Chicken
16 oz of frozen veggies
8oz of Velveeta--cut into 1/2" squares
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 can (8oz) of Refridgerated Crescent Rolls
Cook at 375 for 20-25 mins
***Mix all together in pan and top with Crescent Rolls***
Enjoy! We really loved it.
You can find more great Recipes at!

Here she is wearing Dads shoes

Alma put her shoes on her and then put her feet in his shoes and then tightened his shoes so she could walk better.

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