Monday, April 19, 2010

Wells Trip!

This last Wednesday Night we drove to Wells, to see Almas Parents and some family. Almas older brother Spencer and his nephew, Michael also headed down the day before us to help Almas Dad with some work around the house. We stayed until Saturday morning and it was so fun to get to spend time with Almas family.

Here is Kaitlyn before we left,
I think toy box would make a great babysitter :)
The boys were helping Grandpa Bates cut down a neighbors tree and while in the process... It fell on a Power line. (which was really tough cuz they had to have it fall inbetween a power line and the house) It was a very small space, the power line was the lucky winner to help the tree break its fall. Needless to say we almost pulled a power line pole right out of the ground! It was kind of rotting and ready to go anyway, maybe it was a good thing we had the Power CO. replace it. :)

Here is Alma and Kate in the green house and his parents house! I love this green house right off the side of their living room and connected to the kitchen. The kitchen is the window behind Alma. I LOVE IT!

Here is Kate Jammin' with the boys

Here she is picking yummy Cherry Tomatos with Grandpa Bates

If you give her food and play with her she will be your best friend!
She REALLY liked Grandpa Bates because he did Both!
There was this one time when she was in the Greenhouse and he found a worm and through it at her bare feet. She really freaked out.
He is such a tease, and we love it!

One of Almas brothers who doesn't live too far from Grandma and Grandpa Bates, came down Friday night so we could all hang out!
And of course we all ended up hanging out in the Greenhouse~
It is just so cool!

Kate watching Grandpa Bates work out back.

It was so much fun to see Rory and his family! Even if Rory did scare Kaitlyn to Death! She wouldn't go anywhere near him. I guess he came in the front door without notice or knocking and she was right by the door. He is pretty tall and someone she doesn't know, so everytime she even got close to him she would pull away or back away slowly. It was pretty cute, him teasing her and all. Such a great weekend!
Here is a video of Kaitlyn with her cousins. She had such a fun time trying to make Dillon laugh! And Josie is so great by reading Green Eggs and Ham!

This video was taken before we left for Nevada. She was just trying to get a pen cap on the pen but she was making the funniest faces~ She really cracks us up!!


the craig i know said...

oh my adorableness!!

Jen said...

It's so nice so spend time with family...looks like some fun trips!