Friday, April 30, 2010

TeXaS tRiP

We took a trip to Texas for a couple reasons:

1. To interview with Deliotte Accounting for a summer Internship
2. Interview with BDO Seidman for a job after graduation this fall. Jan. '11
3. Look at areas, to know what our options are if we end up there, which is helpful when my mom is in the Real Estate buisness.
4. To let Kaitlyn Party with her Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlain
The trip was a success. We Did all of the above plus lots lots more. It was a great week and here are some pictures about it:

Ps. He was offered a job with both firms and accepted a job with:

Congrats Alma! We are so proud of all your hard work!

On the plane from SLC-Houston

Loving the AC!

Chick-fil-a milkshakes!


Went on walks!

The weather was so nice!

Saw old friends!

Took family Photos after church

Such a pretty little dress!

Fell in love with a neighborhood!

Fell in love with a model house!
Which makes me get excited for when that will happen one day!

Went canoeing with Anna and Jeff!
Thanks again for taking us!

Row row row your boat!

Standing on the Dragons tail!

Helping Grandpa with every chore outside

Made homemade Ice Cream

Played in Grandpas Truck

Saying Goodbye!

With Grandma and Grandpa before leaving for the airport

Ahhhhhh.... feels good to be home and back in our beds.

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything that you have done for us! You have spoiled us and we were so glad to spend all the one on one time with you guys. Thanks again for letting us come and crash on you! I know Kaitlyn had a blast and is missing you guys already!


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

YAY! i didn't know Alma got a job! Woo Hoo! (lets hope that happens to tom after he graduates!) Looks liek fun and amazing weather!!

The Beck Bunch said...

I love the last picture!! Congrats on the new job down there!!!