Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family in town & Kates videos of taking steps!

Both my Parents came into town and since we have 3/4 of the kids in my family living in Utah valley, there was tons of fun to be had.
Wish Kenna was there! She is the Best and so much fun. Her family makes up 1/2 of our extended family get togethers! We missed you but are sure you had a Blast at DISNEYWORLD!

Unfortunately, most my pictures are of the kids, not the adults. Wish I would have gotten more of my mom and dad.

We did lots of fun things like mini golfing, making BLTs, playing at parks, eating cake, going to museums, and playing tennis and golf.

So glad that you guys came to visit!
It went WAYYYYY too fast!

Alma and Me

Grandpa and Branson

I love how Kaitlyn is looking at me like, "Who are you kissin' on, I am the only kid in our family!"
She is in the bottom right hand corner...

A couple people asked us if they were twins!

Kacey, her boy Zach, Me and Alma at Purple Turtle... YUM!

Kaitlyn excited at The Purple Turtle... people prob think she never gets out, cuz when we take her out she goes Crazy!
She gets so happy and claps and waves!

Hanging out!

Branson playing at the Park in Uncle Jareds shoes! So cute!

Kaitlyn and Zach playing so well at the Park!

Cousins! 2 1/2 months apart!
Kaitlyn has a few more rolls on her.
I love how the simple things like cups entertain them for HOURS!

At the Museum
(that is a Liger! Alma and Napoleon Dynamites favorite animal)

Took Kaitlyn swimming for the 1st time!
She LOVED it!

All bundled up!

Long hard day with Mom and Dad!
(I had to do laundry so that is why she isnt wearing a shirt...)

Kaitlyn was being too funny at dinner getting excited about everything. Here is a clip of it, even though it was not the same as being there in person~

Today Kaitlyn took 7 steps! She is getting better and better about taking steps. She wants to walk so bad and has since she was like 1 month old!

She stands all the time, all by herself and she also walks along EVERYTHING! She is really progressing! I think she does great for being 8 1/2 months!

Here is a video of it:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Birthday Weekend

This last Friday was my 25th Birthday.
We got together with my sister and her family and my brother and dad and went to Panda Express for dinner and then had cake in the park. So yummy!

Here is Kacey feeding Zach and Kaitlyn Cake. Yummy!

My dad and Kaitlyn!

Then on Saturday we had a get together with our friends from Texas!

Connie made this AMAZING ice cream cake!
Thanks Connie!

Me and Alma~

The cake from my b-day.

The Gang

Kaitlyn playing with the Becks!
(Becks Rock!)

Girl picture!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures of our new place....

We finally are starting to really feel settled. We got the cable and internet working and we got hot water and the gas going, and mostly unpacked. Few things in the extra bedroom.

So here are a few pictures of our new place:

The Kitchen
(i love our breakfast bar and stools!)

The view when you walk in the front door.

View of the front door
(Door is on the right)

View of living room from the kitchen:
Front door on the left

Hallway to rooms

(Wonder when we are going to get cabinet doors)

View of the living room and kitchen from the hallway:

Our Bedroom

Kates Room

Even though our apartment is only 5 sq feet bigger than our last place, we feel like we have so much more space.

Hope you enjoyed this Tour of the Bates' Home!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture overload of the last 2 weeks!

I have been meaning to post some pictures and I found a cord that doesn't go to my exact camera but works for getting pictures off of my Camera so that is good news!
So i was able to upload some of 0ur recent activities.

Here is Kaitlyn playing with her cousins Jeff and Brian!

Big Smiles!

Here is Kaitlyn playing while we were packing!

It was hot so we kept Kaitlyn cool with a wet washcloth.

We are going to miss our 1st home!
(the top left apartment was ours)

In front of our door.... 3700

All packed up!

Eating at Tucanos for our 2 year Anniversary! So yummy!

Gotta have chocolate strawberries and Bubbly to celebrate!

Us Celebrating 2 Wonderful Years!

Monday, August 3, 2009

We are Officially living in Utah~

This last weekend we embarked on the adventure of moving to Utah so Alma can continue in school at BYUs Graduate Program for Accounting.

We Packed up our whole apartment all last week and cleaned like no one had ever cleaned before and said our goodbyes to our wonderful neighbors and friends and started on this new adventure to Utah valley.

Everything in our move went very smoothly. Getting the truck, packing, moving, unpacking the truck (thank you soooo much to all those who helped. Todd, Daniel, Nicki, Pat, Jared, Kacey, Eric.) It was so wonderful to be able to do all the unpacking and packing the truck with extra hands.

We arrived to our apartment around 3pm on Sat. and we unpacked and set up as fast as possible. It was so nice to have Kaitlyn at my sisters house so we didn't have a cute little distraction.

We are all set up today, Monday, except a few things here and there that we would like to do. Finishing touches but it is so nice to be home and settled.

There are a few things we still are working on, getting gas turned on so we can have hot showers, getting lights replaced and cabinets in our bathroom and getting the cable and internet set up. But we love how much space this apartment has!

It sure is different here. Idaho was so quite and peaceful and when we looked out of our bedroom window in Idaho we saw a field with trees and occasionally cows and the temple. But now we look out our window in Orem and we see parking lots and I-15. Last night we counted how many cars were going each way on the freeway for one whole min. There were 74! And that was a Sunday night.

Anyway, we are so excited to be here and if any of you live here call us up! we would love to see ya!

Wish I could post pictures, but I can't find the cord to hook the camera to the computer with. Must be in the same box that I cant seem to find that has everything else in it that I can't find. Love how that happens!