Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family in town & Kates videos of taking steps!

Both my Parents came into town and since we have 3/4 of the kids in my family living in Utah valley, there was tons of fun to be had.
Wish Kenna was there! She is the Best and so much fun. Her family makes up 1/2 of our extended family get togethers! We missed you but are sure you had a Blast at DISNEYWORLD!

Unfortunately, most my pictures are of the kids, not the adults. Wish I would have gotten more of my mom and dad.

We did lots of fun things like mini golfing, making BLTs, playing at parks, eating cake, going to museums, and playing tennis and golf.

So glad that you guys came to visit!
It went WAYYYYY too fast!

Alma and Me

Grandpa and Branson

I love how Kaitlyn is looking at me like, "Who are you kissin' on, I am the only kid in our family!"
She is in the bottom right hand corner...

A couple people asked us if they were twins!

Kacey, her boy Zach, Me and Alma at Purple Turtle... YUM!

Kaitlyn excited at The Purple Turtle... people prob think she never gets out, cuz when we take her out she goes Crazy!
She gets so happy and claps and waves!

Hanging out!

Branson playing at the Park in Uncle Jareds shoes! So cute!

Kaitlyn and Zach playing so well at the Park!

Cousins! 2 1/2 months apart!
Kaitlyn has a few more rolls on her.
I love how the simple things like cups entertain them for HOURS!

At the Museum
(that is a Liger! Alma and Napoleon Dynamites favorite animal)

Took Kaitlyn swimming for the 1st time!
She LOVED it!

All bundled up!

Long hard day with Mom and Dad!
(I had to do laundry so that is why she isnt wearing a shirt...)

Kaitlyn was being too funny at dinner getting excited about everything. Here is a clip of it, even though it was not the same as being there in person~

Today Kaitlyn took 7 steps! She is getting better and better about taking steps. She wants to walk so bad and has since she was like 1 month old!

She stands all the time, all by herself and she also walks along EVERYTHING! She is really progressing! I think she does great for being 8 1/2 months!

Here is a video of it:


Todd said...

awww, that totally just made me miss her. We always had fun watching her and playing with her. Looks like she is walking pretty good, too bad we didn't get a knock on the door for that one.

PG said...

awe:) your parents are the coolest and i love that baby of yours! i'm so sad i didn't get to meet her. it got so busy here in utah and just had no time. sorry about that :(

Deanna and Mark said...

hey girl! Kaitlyn is getting so big, she is so beautiful. The challenge I'm doing has certain rules, no fried foods and no sweets are a big part of it. We drink atleast 72 ounces of water a day (roughly 4 water bottles), and at the max drink 12 ounces of soda (one can). We weigh in each week and report the number of inches and pounds lost. We never have to tell anyone our weight if we don't want to. Go to my blog, and on the left hand side I have the link to "The Beauties and the Beast Challenge" website. It's totally worth it. This is our second day in the new challenge, but you can still join in I'm sure if you want to do it, or just do it on your own. Let me know if you want more information. We all report to Tanna (the beast) each week with our numbers. This challenge is 17 weeks long and we are allowed 25 "cheats" or times we can mess up. Go on the challenge blog and scroll down to read about the guidelines. Tanna just decided one day to see if anyone wanted to start a challenge with her. My girlfriend Laura who is friends with Tanna told me about it in May when I started. It's not nation-wide or anything, just about 70 people doing this particular challenge. Love you! let me know if you want to know more:)

Deanna and Mark said...

what's your email address?