Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures of our new place....

We finally are starting to really feel settled. We got the cable and internet working and we got hot water and the gas going, and mostly unpacked. Few things in the extra bedroom.

So here are a few pictures of our new place:

The Kitchen
(i love our breakfast bar and stools!)

The view when you walk in the front door.

View of the front door
(Door is on the right)

View of living room from the kitchen:
Front door on the left

Hallway to rooms

(Wonder when we are going to get cabinet doors)

View of the living room and kitchen from the hallway:

Our Bedroom

Kates Room

Even though our apartment is only 5 sq feet bigger than our last place, we feel like we have so much more space.

Hope you enjoyed this Tour of the Bates' Home!


J. Lopez said...

I love it! Your kitchen is so big! Our recliners look so similar!

Nicki Wilson said...

It looks nice! You were even able to do stuff with the shelves in the hallway:) Hope you're enjoying it. WE miss you guys!

Lauren said...

I love your carpet! I can't wait until we have real carpet!

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at blogs in a long time. So fun to see all your pictures including the ones of my boys with Kaitlyn.

Counting cars or "chasing cars"?

Todd said...

Hey thats a really cool fan you have in the last picture.

Mandy Boyer said...

SO CUTE!! It is way nicer than our little Wymount with that BIG kitchen (although we still love it) but point is your place is so nice and pretty! Great to see you after a few years-very cute family and Kaitlyn is a doll.