Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OvErLoAd Of PiCtUrEs!

Kaitlyn is turning 7 months this week and i can't believe how fast time is going.
Here are some pictures of her that i have taken recently

She no longer wants to wear headbands... she doesn't wear them that often but when she does she pulls it off. This time it got stuck in her mouth and she was sucking on it. It was funny.

She LOVES to stand, she gets a hold of the couch and stands FOREVER! she is starting to slowly scoot across the couch. And when she is sitting i put my hand in front of her and she pulls herself up. Growing up so fast!

Mom and Kaitlyn!
(i got a hair cut last week and i love it!!)

Close up!!

Dancing and being silly!!

We started packing a few things since we are moving next month. She was playing with the boxes FOREVER!!! So we put her in it to play with!

Every night we give her a bath and she always grabs our toothbrushes and plays with them~ Tonight we were taken off her adorable shirt and it got stuck on her head so we took a bunch of pictures!

Here is another view of my haircut. not the best picture but it is an a line cut. the back is a lot shorter than the front. But not too much.
It is so much cooler for the summer!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

All tied up.... turning 25.... & a Naked Baby...

So Kaitlyn found our Atari game and was playing with it. I turned away for a second and when I came back she was all tied up in it.
It was cute because she had this look like, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Alma turned 25 while we were camping last weekend so this last week I decided to do a couple things for his birthday at home. I made a Peach Cheesecake for him (he loves cheesecake and peaches so it was perfect) and I made him a dinner with Cheese Fondue. It was so much fun!

2 nights ago we went to a ward camp out activity. It was a Blast. Unfortunately, it was so much fun that i didn't get a chance to take any pictures. HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

When we got home we had tons of Camping stuff in our living room along with Blankets, we stripped Kaitlyn down and let her roam around with just a diaper on for a good hour. I think she really loved it.

Too much fun just knocks her right out! We sure do love this little girl!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cAmPiNg FuN!

So this last weekend we went to Almas family reunion. It was out in Gandy, Ut in the middle of no where~ It is so fun to get away from everything! We were talking on the way home about how nice it is to not have cell phones or anything for a couple days. Just getting away from it all while enjoying spending time with his family.

Friday was also Almas 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Alma!
(He is getting old but I guess I can't tease him because I am right behind him in August)

We were a little worried about the long drive and it raining and camping with a 6 month old but Kaitlyn did great!

We had such a blast with his family and look forward to this every year.

Here are a couple pictures of our trip:

Hanging out in the Tent!
I am not sure what they are both laughing at but I guess it was pretty funny!
Chilling with mom, all bundled up warm.
Being silly!
Hanging out in the pack n play~