Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cAmPiNg FuN!

So this last weekend we went to Almas family reunion. It was out in Gandy, Ut in the middle of no where~ It is so fun to get away from everything! We were talking on the way home about how nice it is to not have cell phones or anything for a couple days. Just getting away from it all while enjoying spending time with his family.

Friday was also Almas 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Alma!
(He is getting old but I guess I can't tease him because I am right behind him in August)

We were a little worried about the long drive and it raining and camping with a 6 month old but Kaitlyn did great!

We had such a blast with his family and look forward to this every year.

Here are a couple pictures of our trip:

Hanging out in the Tent!
I am not sure what they are both laughing at but I guess it was pretty funny!
Chilling with mom, all bundled up warm.
Being silly!
Hanging out in the pack n play~


Jeff and Anna too! said...

Pivot!!! Ho-Lee Contreras!

Ah good times.. so many of them, too. I loved camp.

And so did Kaitlyn!!! Look at those smiles :)

Jared said...

looks like fun! I wish I could be somewhere cold!

Kenna said...

LOVE the tongue picture. It's too cute.