Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 Babies... and my attempt at being a photographer...

The best thing about being in Rexburg is all the couples our age. We have so much fun where we live, being able to hang out with all of our neighbors.

In our 4 plex apartment, 3 of us had babies in December.
One had her boy on Dec. 2nd and then me and the other neighbor had ours on Dec 3rd.
All in the hospital at the same time! So fun!
So here are just a couple of pictures I took of these three "almost" 6 month olds.

I love this picture because Carter was the only one with a toy and Lilly and Kaitlyn were both trying to steal it from him. I love his face here, guess he is having to learn early about girls and just how high maintenance they really are.

Top of their cute little heads.

Close up on Kaitlyn!

Closer Close up on Kaitlyn!

Lilly- I can't get over these beautiful blue eyes!


Connie and Brandon said...

That's crazy that you all had your babies around the same time. It must have been something in the air:) This photoshoot is really cute. I do love that first picture of the girls steeling the toy as well.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

cutte, i love that first one of carters face! hahaha. Can we photoshop nicki and i's babies in there somewhere?! hahahaha

Teri said...

I like the picture of them laying on the blanket. Great perspective!
I can't wait to see you in Gandy.

the craig i know said...

Jess. I ABSOLUTELY love the 3rd picture on this post of Kaitlyn. Legit picture. They're all really really good...but that one is perfect. Such a cute little girl.

Princess Johnson said...

the last 2 are my favorite! your baby kaitlyn is the cutest though!!! she's getting so big so fast! stay crazy and yellow!
love ya,
a P. shhhhhh lol