Saturday, May 2, 2009

NeW cRiB!

Kaitlyn is growing so fast. She is getting better at being on her tummy and she rolls all the time. From back to tummy. Then she gets mad, and then I put her back on her back and then she flips right back to her tummy. She is so cute. She is always making happy noises! I love it.

In her new high chair!

New Crib!!!

I love it!


Angela (Turner) Howland said...

I like the pictures of you and Alma going through the different stages until Happily Ever After. That's cute. I think we have the exact same high chair for Hayden! That's a nice looking crib too! Sure wish we were able to do more while you were here, but I hope you enjoyed your visit all the same!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Look how fun that is! That room got totally cleaned out for her.. not that it wasn't but where is all your stuff?

Teri said...

I like your crib. It reminds me of sleigh beds - my favorite. I can't wait to see Kaitlyn in person and am glad you post pictures of her.

Princess Johnson said...

love it!!!
i'm sure she loves it too!i wish i could hold her! and i KNOW i could make her laugh/smile for sure! lol
love ya,
==yellow buddy :)