Thursday, June 28, 2012


These girls are such great sisters to each other. I can not believe how much love they have for each other and I love seeing them together. When Kaitlyn gets sad Whitney runs over to her and gives Kaitlyn her Blanket and the toy she is playing with. Whitney just laughs with Kaitlyn and the things she does all the time. They are just too cute and I am so blessed to have these two sweet girls. They are such a light in my life and I am learning so much from them.

I am so excited to see their relationship grow as they grow. To watch them play together and love for one another and even have to learn how to share toys together.

People have said to me when I am out and about, Those two are definitely sisters. No doubt about that.

I love that they are different and all the different things that each one brings.

005 008 040 043

 047 048 049  004 008

I am loving this stage of life. Absolutely loving it and wanting to freeze time for just a little bit longer and enjoy these moments with THESE two little girls, as much as I can.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whitneys “Say Cheese” face


Anytime I say, Whitney say Cheese! She makes this face. It cracks me up that every photo is this face. Love it.

010 011 029 030 033 042

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime Fun

This summer we have been trying to have as much fun as we can even when it gets hot!

We went to the Dollar movie and saw Rio.

(Whitney did awesome. First time in a Movie and she just sat still on my lap and watched the whole time!)

003 004 

Went blueberry picking and picked 6 lbs! Can’t wait to make some muffins!

 053 054 052

Played and played inside where it is cool


Read books

014 015 016 024 025  

And of course swimming… which I have not taken any photos of… It has been a great summer.

032 037

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Backyard Project

Well, we have been crazy busy working on our backyard for quite sometime now. And it is slowly coming along. Still have some things to do to really finalize it, we would like to plant some trees and do more to it but mainly we have been working on the grass and Patio.

Here are some pictures of the slow process… mainly for my record.

This is what it looked like for a year. Dirt and Weeds.

      012 013

Then we cut it down and got ready to till it.

 031 032 033

Then we turned up the dirt and got ready for Grass. 

035 036 037

Then we laid the sod.

038   035039041

Then we took a break. We left all this dirt to put a patio… Weeds started to grow again.


Then Alma cleaned it up, laid some weed block and brought back a truck-load of crushed granite and leveled it out. Then he rented a machine to pound it down. Lots of work.


Then we brought back all the flagstone from the driveway to the backyard. Again, Lots of work.


And started the biggest heaviest puzzle I have ever done.

058 059 061

Next, we just make sure it is all level with no edges sticking up, put the pile of crushed granite on our little patio all over the rocks and sweep it between the cracks and then seal it off. Still have some work to do but we are definitely getting there!


Here are the before and after pictures:


We know it is a big Patio, but the grass here is not the most fun thing to roll around in and we figured we would use the Patio more than the grass so we made it bigger. We plan to put a picnic table out there and the girls little swimming pool and some toys and chairs and the BBQ grill and maybe a fire pit. We are excited!