Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture overload of the last 2 weeks!

I have been meaning to post some pictures and I found a cord that doesn't go to my exact camera but works for getting pictures off of my Camera so that is good news!
So i was able to upload some of 0ur recent activities.

Here is Kaitlyn playing with her cousins Jeff and Brian!

Big Smiles!

Here is Kaitlyn playing while we were packing!

It was hot so we kept Kaitlyn cool with a wet washcloth.

We are going to miss our 1st home!
(the top left apartment was ours)

In front of our door.... 3700

All packed up!

Eating at Tucanos for our 2 year Anniversary! So yummy!

Gotta have chocolate strawberries and Bubbly to celebrate!

Us Celebrating 2 Wonderful Years!

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.:Anna:. said...

Ah Jessica... seems like just yesterday we were flipping each other at dances!