Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trip to Wells and Starting school~

Alma Started School Yesterday at BYU! So far he said it has been going well, he did find out today that he is one of the very few who did not do thier undergrad at BYU~ Good for him for getting in! They say it is really tough! Whenever anyone finds out that he is in the Masters Program there for Accounting at BYU they mention how hard it is! We are so Proud of him and know that he is going to Be AWESOME!
Here he is for his 1st day of school!
Go Cougars!

Random Picture of Kaitlyn!

We have been taking a lot of videos of Kaitlyn and she has been so much fun! She loves Cups, I know, I know, 2 videos of her playing with cups is probably a little much, but it just shows how entertaining they can be.

Since we had the month of August off we decided to go to Wells, and visit Almas family. We got to see a lot of family and it was tons of fun! We played games, laughed a lot, ate yummy bread and taco salad, and played baseball! I wish we got more pictures of the trip but we were having too much fun to pull out the camera!

While in Wells, Grandpa Bates was so much fun with Kaitlyn. I love that she could take his teasing! He squirted her with the hose and got her wet and then made a little puddle for her to play in. In this video, he was flicking the water on her face and she was giggling up a storm!

Although, Dad tried to do it, and she didn't think it was quite so funny. I guess she likes to be teased by Grandpa.

While at Grandma and Gradpa Bates' we were feeding Kaitlyn Carrots and right as I went to put it in her mouth, She Sneezed! which caused all the carrots to go everywhere, EVEN ON ME! We just had to take a picture!


.:Anna:. said...

Haha I love that look when Alma is flicking water at her-she's so patient putting up with him :) haha "Seriously DAd? Really??? COme on!!"

Oooooooooh sneezing at dinner!

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Too cute! Audrey loves watching these videos and pointing at the screen and shouting "Baby Kaitlyn!" Miss you guys!

Connie and Brandon said...

Kaitlyn's laugh is SO cute and I love how she entertains herself with cups. How random!/? We should go to a BYU football game all together or do something else if you aren't FB fans. What do you guys say about Sept 19 BYU and Florida State? My number is 801-372-9390.

PG said...

yeah, that accouting program is tough, much less the grad program! you go alma!!

and your baby is a cutie!!! i'm so sad i didn't get to see her when i was up there!

knock joke knock! lol

Venturing Vosses said...

Have fun at school Alma. Hope you just love Provo. It's always nice to have a change! Kaitlyn is still growing!