Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moved again... Wait?! What?!

Well, we did it again. We moved.
Only living in Orem for 1 month and 2 weeks.

Long story short, I have been thinking a lot about how I wanted to move to Provo for a couple reasons:

  1. I wanted to be able to have the car more often while Alma was at work. Trying to take him from Orem to Provo and then back to go get him is almost 2 hours of driving... you wouldn't think so, but with the traffic it is 20-25 mins each way. and that is 4Xs each day. That is a lot of driving!! Not worth it with a baby~
  2. We wanted to be closer to the mountains, Not the freeway
  3. We wanted a place to live where we could go outside with Kaitlyn that had a lot of Grass and Play Areas (not have to worry about streets and the freeway)
  4. We wanted to save money on rent
  5. We wanted to experience BYU, by living in Provo, not UVU by living in Orem. Alma said sometimes he felt like he went to UVU bc we were always getting flyers and invited to their activities (which was really nice of them!)
So Finally one day, last week on Saturday Afternoon, after much discussing, we decided to just Post our Apartment on Craigslist, Just to see if anyone wanted it.

That night a girl called. Her and her friend came the next day, Sunday, to look at it, and told us that they wanted it!!

*their names were Katelyn and Jessica

We hurried and got the last apartment at Wymount and started to pack
So in less than one week we decided to move, sold our contract, packed, got a Uhaul, moved, and unpacked again.
(we were on the 3rd Floor and we moved to the 3rd Floor! NO FUN!)
Thank you to all who helped:

Jessicas Mom and Dad: for helping me and giving me much needed advice!
Kacey who watched Kaitlyn, Pat who let us borrow his truck, Jared Jeremy Jamie Lindsay Tim John Daniel for moving!
We could not have done it with out your help!!!

Lots of work but it was totally worth it!

It is so peaceful here and we are super excited!

Don't get me wrong, Wymount (our new apartment) is a lot less space than our old apartment in Orem, but it doesn't even really feel like it bc it has great storage and cubboards and a huge Pantry! and we are enjoying all the perks of living in the On-campus married housing at BYU!

Here are some pics comparing our last place to the new one:

View from our Bedroom window in Orem

View from our Bedroom Window in Provo
(we have a great View of the Y on the mount)

This is the View out the Front Window in Orem

View from the Porch in Orem~
Good view of the Freeway!

View of our front Window in Provo

View from our porch!
There is a playground at tons of Grass just below us!

I will post more pictures of our place soon!
Thanks again for all who helped!


PG said...

i'm so glad you guys moved. This will be so much better. sometimes less is more and more is less.
you will love it in provo and i'm so glad you have so many friends helping you out with the move.
miss you!

"Kolob....I didn't learn that in my science class."

Kristin said...

So glad that it all worked out for you guys. I love Provo, and I love the mountains there. Good move!

.:Anna:. said...

So glad you're in those apartments!

Kenna said...

so glad I don't live by you. I would have had to help you move twice.

Kenna said...

I'm just teasing. Hopefully your move went well. I am glad to hear you are so happy in your new place. I'm so happy it all worked out so smoothly. btw - love your silhouette family.