Friday, September 11, 2009

Video of Kaitlyn walking!

Well, our sweet little girl is growing up so fast and in a way, WE ARE LOVING IT! We are treasuring each day but it sure is fun to watch her grow!
We took this video of her walking awhile ago so she is a lot better now, she is just getting all over the place!
(sorry I couldn't rotate videos on my computer. If you know how let me know)
We are so proud of all of the accomplishments that Kaitlyn has made. She is so strong and has been blessed with a great little body.
I wanted to write some of her accomplishments and when she did them:
(more for my records)
Rolled from Back to Tummy:
3 months and 4 days
Sit up all by herself:
5 months and 2 days
Cruise/walk along the fruniture:
Few days before 7 Months
7 months and 8 days
Clapped... which she does a lot:
7 1/2 months
Stood by herself:
7 1/2 months
Took a couple steps:
8 1/2 months
Right at 9 months!
Mom and Kate
(I love her face here)
One of Almas Best friends, Eric from College got married last weekend. We are so excited for him and his new bride! It was a beautiful day and they make such a great couple! We are so happy for them and wish them the best!

While at the reception, Kaitlyn had a blast... she loves dancing with the College boys, they were so cute with her trying to get her moving and grrrroooving!

Here she is getting into it at the Wedding~


Connie and Brandon said...

WOW! How fun that she is walking now. I LOVE the videos of her dancing. She is definitely a cutie. BTW, we don't have football tickets either. We were going to try and just buy individual ones, but they are way expensive this year. I think we will be watching them from the couch. We should just invite you guys over and have food while watching the game.

Angela (Turner) Howland said...

She's a cute one! But when is she going to get some hair to style?! Glad that you're enjoying these moments because they sure pass by so quickly!

Nicki Wilson said...

I love the videos!! I can't believe how much she's grown!