Monday, May 10, 2010

OuR wEeKeNd

Friday night was my brother Jareds Graduation. He was getting his Masters! We are so proud of him!
Here are all the Graduates walking it at the University of Utah.

Here he is walking as they called his name!


Bates family with the Graduate
(i love how Kate is looking at him funny)

Gotta throw in a silly face!

All who was there to witness him "Gradumanate"

Then we met up with Pat and he brought the boys!
We went to Chilis for dinner.

I gave Alma a new hair cut on Saturday and then we went to a comedy club in Orem.
3 years ago, on Saturday, Alma proposed to me!

And I love him more each day! He is seriously, the best thing in my life!
I love you Alma, Thank you for the best times in my life and I am definetly looking forward to many more!

Sunday evening, I decided to make a fort in our living room.
Here we are inside the fort.
(with flashlights of course)
View of the fort

Another view

She had so much fun in it.

It was a great Mothers Day too! I am so grateful for all that my mother has done for me. It has been a lot, and even though I am moved out and on my own with my own family, she still supports, and gives advice and helps me through hard times. Thank you for always being there Mom.
And to all you Moms out there... What a great blessing it is to be a mom!!!! I hope to felt loved and appreciated for all the things that you do.
It completely rocks my socks off and I know that my life is 1000000000Xs better because I am able to unselfishly serve my daughter and take care of her in numerous ways. What a great blessing she is and how wonderful it is to raise her and watch her learn and grow and teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to the many more children to come to our home.

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