Monday, December 7, 2009

sNoW & Birthday Part II

So I decided that I love the snow... If I dont have to go out in it. When I get to be in my apartment and look out my window I love it. But I do hate having to go out and drive in it.
At our apartment now in Provo, we have a huge window in our front room and this is our view. It is so beautiful... and Private! with all the trees. Especially since our whole ward of apartments all face towards eachother in a square.
So here are some pictures of the snow we got in the last 2 days... from out my balcony and window.

This picture is on our balcony... looking to the right:

This is our view straight out of our window:

Looking down at the ground... we are on the 3rd floor...

And here is Kate eating Spaghetti:
When I waited tables I hated when kids got spaghetti, such a mess to clean... but it is fun to give to your own kid!

No... this picture is not Kaitlyn... it is her friend Makenzie! This last Saturday we had the pleasure of watching her so her parents could have a hott date~ She was so happy under the table. Such a good little girl!

At Kaitlyns b-day we didnt get the chance to really let her go out a cupcake... so the next day we did. Here are the pictures of it:

"Whats this all about?"

"I think I like this...."

"Yup... I liked it and mmmmmm....mmmm. Lets have b-days everyday!"

And here is a little video if it too...


.:Anna:. said...

Awww I love the pictures you sent today it was so much fun!

Kenna said...

Hilarious! Love that she was just throwing that cupcake around.

I agree with you on snow. It's so beautiful . . . from the warmth of my living room.

Chapples said...

Cute post! Kaitlyn sure does like that cupcake!