Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun Filled Halloween Week/weekend

We have had a great week, lots of fun with family and friends.
On Halloween we went and got Carmel Apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the strawberry cheesecake flavor, then we went to Jump on it, then Trunk or Treating, and then we went and dressed up like burritos (wrapped ourselves in Foil) and each got Free Chipotle Burritos! and then played games with friends. It was an awesome day!

Here is Kaitlyn in her halloween costume being an angel.

Our close friends Todd and Nicki from Idaho came to visit! It was so awesome to meet their son Everett for the 1st time! Isn't he Perfect!?

We went to Jump on it a place lined with Tramps... even on the walls!
This picture of Alma is great! Really looks like he is flying!

Family shots at 'Jump on it'

So much fun!!

Last Tuesday was a play group Halloween Party in our ward. It was so fun to see all the Costumes!

Group Picture

We love Carving Pumpkins for Halloween... here is Alma's Mummy.

And my flying Bat!

(Kate ate goldfish crackers and watched)

Angel Shot!

And last but not least, I turned my back for a second only to find Kate in the pantry surrounded by chocolate chips and drooling chocolate. This is not the 1st time this has happened, but I did decided to take a picture!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

fun!! when tom asked me this morning if todd and nicki went down to visit you guys this weekend and i said yes, he goes, why the heck didnt we go down!? Too bad he works saturdays... one of these days we need to take a trip down there and see you guys!

Angela (Turner) Howland said...

Nice job on the pumpkin carving! I like! The trampoline place looks like fun. She makes a sweet angel.

The Johnson Family said...

Ha Ha, I love the chocolate chip picture! I think being mischievous is part of being a toddler!