Sunday, June 8, 2008

Me and Alma gettin ready for church!

Alma was mad at me because I wasn't getting ready fast enough.
This is his mad, but I love you, face.

Here is me... after I was ready for Church...
playing with my new camera.

Here is Alma and me... I was curling my hair...
you can see the curling iron below my left ear.

All ready for church... we don't start church till 1:30pm
so we had all morning to get ready. I guess that is why
we took silly pictures and took our time getting ready.

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Kenna said...

Aww! Such cuties! What kind of camera did you get? You should use and type it in and then select images and upload a pic of it on here, so I can see what it looks like. (Those are pretty specific instructions, only because when you use my microsoft stock goes up! Which will pay for a trip for you to come and see me! So click lots!) I miss you. It was so nice to talk to you today. You are the best sister EVER! Keep me updated on the new objay. Love you!