Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Primary Program

This is more for my records but feel free to read about how Kaitlyn was in the Primary Program this year.

Since our ward is a Married Student Ward, our Primary has about 2 kids. But the Nursery has about 12 or so. So they invited the Nursery to be a part of the Primary Program.

They had all the Families with kids in the Program sit in the first 3 rows.

They had all the 3 year olds and older, even if the three year old was still in Nursery, stand up and say a Line. So while we were sitting (up in the front) each kid would get up and say their line. Since we live in an amazing place and we get to play with all of the kids in our ward everyday, Kaitlyn knows all their names.

So as each one took the stand and walked up to the Microphone, Kaitlyn would say, (pretty loudly) "Nathans Turn", "Joys Turn!" "Sharps Turn."

It was pretty cute to see.

Then she got to go up and sing 4 songs with all the kids. She would go up and stand right in the middle on the stools. It was adorable. We werent sure if she would go up without us, but she had no problem.

We practiced "Follow the Prophet" a lot at home for the week before the Program and she looked so cute singing along to it, especially the part that says, "Don't go astray" (cute little finger waving side to side)
After the 1st verse of Follow the Prophet, she yelled out, "BEAM?" which she does whenever we finish singing a song, she requests a different one. She wanted to sing Sunbeam next.

Then the next time she got up they started to play the intro to the next song... a softer song, and she busts out into a solo during the intro... singing "PROPHET! PROPHET! LAAAA LAAAA!" It was adorable.

Then as they started to sing the song that was next she looked at the Chorister with a very serious face and put her finger to her mouth and "SHHH'd" her. I suppose she was having them sing the wrong song.

Anyway, it was so fun to have her be in the Primary Program at such a young age and we were so proud of her.
We love you Kaitlyn!!

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