Sunday, October 10, 2010

Having fun with Grandma and Cousins

My sister went on a Cruise and was gone for about 10 days and so my Mom came up from Texas to Lehi to watch her boys while she was away. It was so much fun to have her around and get to spend time with her and have Kaitlyn hang out with cousins.

We went to the Zoo and then afterwards got a ice cream sundae!
You can tell them loved them!

Being silly and getting every last drop!!

We had loads of fun and I didn't take a ton of Photos, but we did have a movie party in our Jammies and ate Popcorn and watched Curious George.

Went to the Park and had a picnic!

Let Zach run with just a diaper.

Read stories with Grandma

Towards the end of the week my Dad came up too to help and it was so fun to get to spend time with them. It went too fast but it was a great time
When we were done with all of our fun with Grandma and Grandpa we all got a little sick and the weather finally changed to cool fall weather.
The only thing that Kaitlyn wanted some days was to sit in her infant car seat and watch Winnie the Pooh. I even had to buckle her in and put up the handle and the visor. Silly girl.

And she is getting more hair and so today for church we decided to put in a clip. Her hair is pretty long in the back and sides but not in the front. It was no longer in when we picked her up from Nursery, but I was not expecting it to. But it is kind of fun. We curled the back ends too.


The Beck Bunch said...

Molly's hair is just opposite that. Long on top and short in the back. Her hair bow looked cute though, even if it was only for a while!!

Chapples said...

Ha ha I love the movie picture! That is just too cute. They are really into Curious George! Sounds like you guys have been having fun!

Angela (Turner) Howland said...

Aww, how cute. Such a sweet girl in her pretty dress with her bow.