Saturday, October 16, 2010

Attempting Pig Tails...

So the other day, Kaitlyn was playing with one of my Hair bands and so Alma took it and put a pony tail on the top of her hair... Gave me a thought... maybe we could do something. So I got little rubberbands for cheap and we did Pig tails.
She loves them... Always talking about her Tails, and checking herself out in the mirror.
My sister in law Viky gave me some curlers so we curled the back of her hair too.
Super cute.
It is still pretty short but it is fun to do a change, from her usual hairstyle... which is doing nothing.

The back
For FHE this last week we made Homemade Oreos and our lesson was on Gratitude.
So we made Thank you Cards to Kaitlyns Nursery leaders that just got relased and also the ones that we called. 6 couples. It was so fun to run around and drop off cookies and tell the leaders Thank you for their service.
I love FHE.
After making all the cookies, there were none left for us, and I was wondering if she would be sad she didn't get any, but She was ok. I guess Service feels better than eating cookies.
But I will admit, later this week we made cookies. :)

Helping us taste test the frosting!

All this fun must make you tired!!


Kenna said...

I love her pig tails, she's gorgeous! I love that it wore her right out! I love you, Jessica, cuz you are the best!! I love that every sentence in this paragraph I just wrote, starts with "I love"!

This post reminded me that I wanted to do something nice for Kayla's nursery leaders, too. Thanks for the reminder. You rock.

Me and My Boys said...

Love the pig tails, there is seriously nothing cuter! I love that last picture of her asleep. She is such a doll!

Sarah Walker said...

CUTE! I love the pigtails! Yay!

Tiffany said...

She's SO cute!
Those cookies sure look tasty, I might just have to get the recipe!

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

What cute pig tails! She wears them well!

Chapples said...

Cute I love her pigtails and curled hair in the back!! Those cookies sound yummy, and what a fun FHE idea!

Owen and Shannon said...

Cute!!! Oh my goodness, Kate just gets cuter and cuter. You guys are such an awesome family! :)

Jen said...

Love it! Little girls need those pigtails! You guys are so good to thank her leaders in that way...I'll have to remember that!