Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting my Craft on

081Ever since I got onto Pinterest I have been wanting to do so many painting crafts. So this last couple weeks I got it all out of my system for awhile. I found a $5 toy box at a garage sale and painted it. 084


I bought a designated “Time Out” stool for when we need to take a little break and cool down… Painted it. I might do more but I could not decide what to do and this is as far as I got.




087    101 103

 088I made this Birthday Calendar for my Mom for Christmas for her to remember all her families birthdays.





I saw this idea on Pinterest and I know that everyone has probably seen it and/or is doing it but I wanted this to hang out my Game room wall. So I painted it blue.







Got this bookshelf at a Garage Sale for $3 and already had some pink paint left over from a few years back. So I bought a stencil design and painted on it.



And made this tissue paper ball for decoration. Might do more of them to decorate the game room but for now this is all I have done. But it has been so fun to work on things and get them done. They all took a lot longer than I thought they would. And I think deciding what to actually do with the things is what took the longest. Oh well. It was super fun. But I do think I need a break for awhile. Maybe next I will go on a Sewing kick or maybe Cake decorating. We shall see…

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