Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Kaitlyn is 3

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What a great day we had on Saturday. It was Kaitlyns 3rd Birthday. She woke up and got to open Presents. She got 8 Princess Dolls and a beautiful play dress with new shoes and a necklace.

PS. When we pulled out all the Princess’ they had shoes that came along with them, and I thought no way are these going to ever stay with who they are suppose to. So we put them in a bag and we were just going to “Put them away” then I was talking to my Mom and she suggested that we super glue them on. SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA. Got out the super glue and 15 mins later, all of them had their shoes on and they will NEVER fall off! 

Then we had Lunch with Grammy and Grandpa Chamberlain at Red Robin, and then some of her closest friends came over and we had a Birthday Party with cake and played outside. Yup… we played outside in December on her Birthday. She was even wearing a skirt for a lot of the day.

I am so grateful for this girl. She continues to make me laugh and she is getting to be so funny. The things that come out of her just crack us up Daily. The other day she was using the word “Opinionated” and in the correct way. There are words like that all day. Like “Actually” and “Instead” I really need to start writing things down when she says them. It just surprises me how well she picks up on words and how well she uses them. She talks well and clear and correctly (she has always done well at this) and it has been so fun to be able to really communicate with her about life and the world around us. She is such a fun girl to be around. She has such a love for life. Never lose that love for Life Kaitlyn!!!! It is so easy to let life wear you down, Never let it!!! Always have that excitement and love for everything! We love that about you.

After a great day, Alma and I showed her a slide show of the first 2 years of her life, filled with Videos and pictures. She loved it. It was great to tell her about how much we love her and how we enjoy having her in our home.

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 011 I saw this idea online where instead of having helium balloons, you take balloons and hang them upside down. It looked really cute through out our house. Birthdays are a pretty big deal to me, so we just had to decorate and make the day feel different. Such a fun idea.

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Tiffany said...

I love how much you put into birthdays! They're a big deal to me too, but not to Michael, so I can't wait for Jordan to understand birthdays so I can do something fun for him. Maybe this year! :)