Friday, December 30, 2011

Evolution of our Game Room


So when we first moved into our house we had our game room like this:


 Then we moved that couch and rug into our sitting room and made the game room like this:

(I liked this because it was more room to play and not so much big bulky furniture… but it looked sad)


So for Christmas I worked on some crafts bought a few things to make it look like this:

The pink kitchen was the girls big gift this year and the bean bags were mine :)

I do like the look of a rug, so maybe sometime in the future… who knows when, I will get a rug for the game room floor and maybe a curtain. I don’t know why but painting scares me so badly. Picking a color, painting it and having it be all over the room for awhile. Big decision because I love to change and rearrange things. You can’t easily rearrange or change paint in a room. But maybe I will get the guts to paint this game room. But for now this to me looks better. Seems more like a play room then a toy dump. There are a few more things I would love to add and so through time and saving money I will work on it more. But this is a start.


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Kenna said...

Love the READ letters. Just a thought - You should add a cute awning like this one: