Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love when Alma gets home…



I love when Alma gets home. Every night when we hear the garage open we all run and hide around the house and when he comes in he has to come find us. When he gets close we jump out at him and Yell, “BOO!! SURPRISE!!” Dinner is usually ready and we are ready to eat. We all come together at the table and we eat and laugh and the feeling of all of us gathered around the table is my favorite part of the day. Kaitlyn is usually giggly and making us laugh, Whitney is ALWAYS happy at the dinner table, no matter how tired she is. We are all super happy to have Dad home.

Then I send Alma to the living r oom to play as much as he can with the girls, while I clean up after Dinner. Don’t get me wrong, he offers to help and there are many times that he does, while Kaitlyn brings me her plate, but he hardly ever sees the girls, and so I want them to have as much time with him as they can. You see he gets home around 6:00pm and the girls go to bed at 7pm so their time is limited. As I finish cleaning, I get to watch him interact with his girls. It is the Best Moment of the Day. I am sure it is for him too.




I love seeing him with the girls. He is so sweet and loving and fun. I love that he gets down with them and plays. Doesn’t rush to the computer to catch up on things that have happened today in the World of Sports, News, or Facebook. Then we “choo choo” head up stairs and get the girls ready for bed. He is such great help when it comes to bedtime. I love him and the support that he gives me when he gets home. I am so grateful to him for being such a great Dad. Then, he and I get to come together in our room and sit on our couch and talk. I love catching up with him and talking to him. It is all my favorite part of the day. From when he walks in the door till I have to unwillingly crawl into bed and fall asleep to prepare for the next day. Thank you Alma for being such a great Dad. Thank you for being HERE when you are HERE.  I know that you don’t get to see us as much as you want but I love that when we do, you make it totally worth the wait.


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