Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ice Skating and Bowling


036We went Ice Skating and bowling this last week with my Parents and my Brother Jared and his wife Laurie who are in town from Utah for the Holiday. It was so much fun and Kaitlyn loved both and never got tired of doing it. She was awesome!! She loved to Skate and she did a great job at bowling. She got a STRIKE too!! No bumpers just used the metal slide thing. It was super fun!


She has absolutely fallen in love with hanging out with Jared and Laurie. She talks about them all the time when they are not around and when they are she follows them and plays with them non stop. We love Uncle Jared and Aunt Laurie! Thanks for being so sweet to my girls!035



Here are some random photos of us bowling. Mainly me and Whitney. She was so happy and giggly and so I had fun taken pictures with her. 080072076

Love her smile!

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