Monday, December 26, 2011



What a great Christmas we had. We woke up early. Got ready for our 9am church. Had to of course wake up Kaitlyn at 8:15am… she never sleeps in but on Sundays and of course Christmas Day. We did decide before Sunday Morning that we would open presents after Church.

Alma and I had the opportunity to be in the Church Christmas Program. We were in the Choir and sang two songs and also did a Special Musical number. Alma played and I sang Silent Night. He made up a beautiful rendition of the song (in a range I could sing it well in) and before I sang, they asked me to give a 3 min talk about the song and the Savior before I sang. It was a wonderful experience and made our Christmas wonderful.

We came home and Whitney had fallen asleep in the car so we put her in her crib and since Kaitlyn had waited long enough we let her go ahead and open her presents. She did so slowly just enjoying each thing. We got her a couple silly things. I wanted to get her reaction to everything so I took a lot of movies. So there are not a lot of actual picture of her opening presents at our house.  Then Whitney woke and she opened a few things. She was a little cranky at first but started to have fun.

Then we went to my Moms Church and attended her Church Program at 1:30pm. It was a beautiful program as well. It was such a great way to spend Christmas. Then we went to my Moms and had a beautiful Ham dinner and played games and opened a few presents. It was a perfect day. Hope all of your Christmas Days were filled with love of the Savior, love of family and loved ones. And of course good food.

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Kenna said...

I loved these pictures! The pink kitchen you got the girls is awesome! Looks a little like ours (which we are planning to keep forever, because even my 14 year old plays with it). I also love that I got to see mom's new floors. They look so nice! Merry Christmas.