Monday, April 29, 2013

39 Weeks


39 Weeks with Baby #3!

We are plugging along in this pregnancy. Keeping busy. I moved a week and a half after Kaitlyn to Texas from Idaho for Almas internship and then with Whitney we were in the middle of Tax Season and getting ready to close on our house. She was 3 weeks old when we moved. So I must say, Not having to move or being stressed about our life is really nice this time around. I never get to set up a room for the baby to come home to and I have loved doing that. We are so excited to meet him and I am sure whenever he decides to come will be great.

I am hoping to go into labor on my own so I have let my Dr. know that I plan to go as long as he feels I and the baby can go without any danger. He said that he would probably induce at 41 weeks which is May 13.
We are hoping he comes sometime around his due date of May 6th on his own. But I am starting to feel like there is a big chance we end up inducing again!

Here is to hoping he comes on his own!

I am so grateful for all the things that are keeping me busy. The girls, the dr appointments my YW calling and co-op teaching preschool. It has been nice to keep myself busy these last weeks.

Can’t wait to meet you baby boy! We can’t wait to see what you look like and how perfectly you will fit into our family!

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Tiffany said...

Good luck! You look great!