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Kaitlyn is 4 years old and 5 months. She is growing up so fast. The other night she was asking me and Alma to tell her about how we met and what were our first and second and third and so on dates and what we did on those dates. It is so fun that she is getting so much older and asking so many questions about the world around her.

She is such a delight to have around. She is always so happy and so willing to help and has such a desire to do the right things. She does have her moments like any child is expected to have but she truly has a kind heart that is very selfless.

I am amazed at her love. She doesn’t seem to have one jealous bone in her body. I believe that is why it was so easy to adjust to having Whitney in the home after she was born. She is so kind to Whitney and has such a love for her. She is always talking about how her and Whitney are best friends.

She is so excited to meet our new Baby boy. She talks about him all the time and really believes him to be one of the family even though we haven’t even met him yet. She is kissing my tummy all the time and talking to him. It is so fun for me to have a child old enough to get what is going on. I am so excited to see her reaction after he is born and when she meets him for the first time.

I love having her around and the funny things that she says. She seems so much older to me than she is and I keep reminding myself daily to allow her to be the 4 year old kid that she is.

She is constantly surprising me and making me laugh. I am so grateful for her and all that she brings into my life.


Her favorite dinner is Angel Hair Pasta and she loves Rice.

She loves veggies and fruits and she is always talking about how they are healthy for you and how important it is so eat healthy.

She loves to color and draw.

She can write her name without any help.

She knows all her letters/recognize them and write them.

She loves Rice Krispies and Marshmallow Cereal when we let her have it.

She loves to play pretend and she is always wanting to play family.

She loves Skirts and Dresses… hates getting her hair brushed and fixed.

She LOVES to play outside and ‘get some fresh air’

She loves to go to Grandmas and Grandpas and would sleep there every night if I let her.

She goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 7-7:30.


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Whitney just turned 2. She is definitely a two year old. She is learning so much each day. Learning new words and saying so many thoughts and ideas. I love that she is talking so much and telling me things. The other day she came into the kitchen and growled at me and then asked, “Did I scare you Mom?” It was so cute.

I am loving this little girl so much. She has such personality and is constantly pulling faces and being silly. She has a silly walk that she pulls out every now and again that cracks me up. Lots of bouncing and swinging her arms.

She is a very determined person. She sees the things that Kaitlyn can do and just wants to be able to do it too. I taught Kaitlyn to buckle herself completely in the car seat and then Whitney wants to do it too. Same with riding a bike. She wanted to learn pedaling since Kaitlyn just learned this last year and she doesn’t stop trying until she gets it down. I think it is so wonderful that she doesn’t give up easy on things that are hard.

I hope that makes Potty Training easy when the time comes.

On her 2nd birthday that night when we tried to put her in her crib she kept saying that she didn’t want to sleep in it and tried to sleep in Kaitlyns bed. So we brought in the toddler bed and let her sleep in that. It was pretty bad the first night. She was up a ton… all night long. I wasn’t planning on moving her for awhile and just putting the new baby in the bassinette or the pack and play. She kept saying I am two I am two and kept pointing to Kaitlyns bed (Which is a twin bed) So we bought her a twin and she has done so great with the switch and loves her new soft bed. Whenever my mom comes to the house she takes her upstairs and tells her all about her bed and how soft it is. She does great staying in it all night long and I love waking up to her face in mine. Which she is a happy morning person which I love!

Whitney is such a sweet heart and LOVES to cuddle. It is something that she will do with you almost any time of day if you ask her. I love it.

I can’t get over though how fast her attitude can change in a minute. She can be so giggly and happy but if she wants something and can’t get it then we have a KA-BOOM moment.  She has those moments that every 2 year old goes through. They are excited about the world around them and they know what they want, but when they can’t get it they have a melt down trying to learn what the boundaries are. She can get pretty nasty especially when it comes to sharing with her sister and we are working on that. But the two of them also have a lot of love for each other.

I do think her fits are better than Kaitlyns 2 year old fits. But she was an easier baby so I guess we are making up for the break I got when she was a baby.

I love this girl so much and all that she is. Tantrums and silliness and all. She is a hoot to be around and surprises me everyday.


She loves Cheese Tomatoes and fruit mainly bananas.

She loves to dance and sing.

She thinks she is one of the big kids and as old as Kaitlyn is

She loves Fruit Snacks and calls them nack-nacks.

She loves wearing her Elmo jammies (which we don’t really watch Elmo but that’s ok)

She still loves her Blanket a lot and she calls it “ISSY”

She loves babies

She loves when people come to the door, whether it is my Parents or the neighbor kids to come and play.

When she colors she draws really small scribbles like letters. Not a lot of big scribbles. She gets really close to the paper and takes her time doing each scribble.

She loves the park and especially the swings! Calls them “wings”

She goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up around 7am. After she wakes me she and I lay in my bed and cuddle and laugh until Kaitlyn wakes up and comes in.


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