Sunday, April 28, 2013



I love these two together. They are starting to really play well together and become such best friends. 


001     002

006    010    012

Whitney has been determined to figure out pedaling her bike and she was very stubborn to make sure that she got it down fast. I am so proud of her. It took Kaitlyn a lot longer to figure it out so I wasn’t expecting it any time too soon. But this girl has determination and she set her mind to figure it out. I am so proud of her! She is taller than Kate was at this age and that bike is kind of hard to reach the petals. All the kids in the neighborhood can ride so I think that would give any girl the desire to push through and get it down. It is something that she really loves to do. We sure do love being outside.

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Todd said...

you got the pink cruiser! Everett has the blue one and I want to get the pink one for Jacquelyn, but I know she can't reach the peddles yet :)