Monday, April 1, 2013

Whitney is 2!


Whitney turned 2 on Sunday March 31st, which was also Easter. It was a great day. We went to church where they sang to her and celebrated her b-day in Nursery. She came home and took a nap and then woke up and we had my Parents over for an Easter Ham Dinner. We had Cake and opened Presents. It was a great day. We even got a little bit of a thunderstorm.

She is growing up so fast!


Some things about my Whitney at 2 years old that I don’t want to forget:

She is spunky.

She knows what she wants, and is stubborn about it

She loves babies and her Issy. Issy is her blanket. When she was little I would ask her where her blanket was and I would say “Where is he?” So she ended up calling it “Is he”

She loves to be silly and goofy. Makes us laugh a lot!

She can turn her attitude or personality in the drop of a hat. Laughing and giggling to screaming and mad instantly. So watch out.

She is smart.

She is starting to talk. It is not always clear what she says and I probably understand a whole lot more than others, but it is nice to be able to understand things that she is saying now.

She dances awesome! I love the way she dances.

She is pretty independent. If Kaitlyn can do it on her own then there is no reason she can’t do it on her own either. Like buckling herself in her car seat.

She thinks she is big.

She knows when she gets mad that she has to sit on the couch in the front room to calm down and I love how a lot of times she will put herself in time out.

She loves real babies. She gets so excited when she is around them. Cant wait to see her with her new baby brother.

She loves to sing.

She loves to cuddle. Loves it! Which I love.

She is starting to give me a run for my money and I better stay on my toes with this one!

016         021023

For her Birthday this year she got a new baby with some accessories (pack and play car seat diaper bag bouncy chair) and a bubble maker.

026           028

I love you sweet girl! I am so glad to be your Mom and I love to see the girl that you are becoming!

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