Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who doesn’t love Olive Garden Breadsticks?



Story about Whitney:

My Mom celebrated her birthday about a week and a half ago. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and I let Whitney have some of the center of the fluffy breadstick.

She loved it and was giggling and so happy.

I turned away for a second and when I looked up she had grabbed off the table a whole breadstick and was practically hugging it and sucking the side of the breadstick.

I mean who doesn’t love Olive Garden Breadsticks? SOOO good! It was the cutest thing to watch.

She was not really taking bites just sucking on it and hugging it. I eventually took it away and we headed out and I headed over to the store to pick up some things. I was in the store pushing Whitney in the cart in her car seat and she was tired and trying to fall asleep. She almost fell asleep, like she usually does, pretty easily, but woke up screaming and was not calming down. I decided to take her out and hold her while I finished and as I took her out I noticed big white blister like hives all over her body and within the next 2 minutes her lips, cheeks, ears, and eyelids were tripled in size and she was red with hives all over her. I called her Dr. and asked if I should head to the ER or go there. They said to come in to their office right away and I headed down there. When I put her in the car, she was so exhausted she fell asleep. I was terrified that her since her lips and everything else was swelling up, that her throat would too and that while asleep she would have a hard time breathing. Lets just say that 12 min. car ride from the store to the Dr. office was pretty emotional.

When I got to the Dr. it slowly started to calm down and when the Dr saw it she said it was a Violent and Serious Reaction to something that she ate, and encouraged us to get her tested with an Allergy Specialist. (We still have not done that yet) She said, with it as serious as it was we should have gone to the ER, and that next time don’t even bother going to the office. It was so hard to see her looking the way she did and to watch her suffer like she did.

I called Olive Garden and just asked them if they had any ideas of what might have done it, and they said either the bread, the butter or the Garlic. She has before and since then had bread and butter, so I am guessing that she is allergic to Garlic. Which, I have never noticed until now how many things actually have some amount of Garlic in them. We will have to really get her tested to see what she is allergic to. 

We love our Whitney and I am so glad nothing too horrible happened then. I will admit, I am terrified to let her try anything new right now. I am watching her so close.


Matt and Haley said...

A mother's worst nightmare! So scary. Good luck figuring out what she's allergic to.

Breeanna said...

awwa wow how scary. Glad she is ok

Chapples said...

wow that is so scary. Glad she is ok now.

Sarah Walker said...

So Scary! Glad she is okay! What a stressful drive that would have been. Moments like that make me wish I could have been there to help. Really glad she is okay and hopefully they can pin down what it was.

The Johnson Family said...

So sorry you had to experience that! I know so many little ones with allergies and am always scared something new will effect Cooper. Glad to hear she is ok.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

So scary. Who would have guessed? Glad she is ok. Good luck!

Deanna said...

Make sure you keep us posted as to what she's allergic to! I'm curious! So happy that she's alright...I bet it was so scary!