Sunday, October 2, 2011



I can’t get enough of Kaitlyn! She is just too fun. I was thinking about all the things I love about her and there are wayyy to many!!!

She is someone who is laughing all the time! She is always trying to get me to laugh. She cracks up ALL the time. I love her laugh when she laughs really hard.  I love that she can always get Whitney to laugh… not just a giggle… a hard laugh!

She is always thinking about others. Whitney, me or anyone else around. I can’t believe that a 2-3 year old sometimes puts other peoples wants or needs above their own.

She LOVES to role-play. We are always pretending to be someone and doing something. It is a CONSTANT thing and I have to call her by the name of who she is pretending to be. My favorite is when she pretends to be me and I get to be her and we switch places, and she talks like me and I talk like her. Cracks us both up.

I love that every day we have to hide in a new spot when Dad gets home and Jump out at him and yell SURPRISE!!!

I love that she loves to wear dresses and act like a Princess! To me she is one.

I love that she helps me with Whitney and I love when I say, “It’s ok Whitney” that I hear this little voice say, “It is ok Whitters… You’re ok.” Too cute!

I love that she loves everyone and when she gets comfortable around you she will talk your ear off and that life is just so fun!

I love that she is always on the go. Doing something, pretending some game, pretending to be someone, even when she is all alone in the corner of the room.

I love her imagination and all the things that she comes up with. Dragons in the next room and Lots of silly things.

I love that she wears her hooded towel on her head all the time and pretends like it is Rapunzels Hair, her being Rapunzel. And she brushes it with a brush singing, “And I brush and brush and brush and brush my hair stuck in the same place I’ve always been”

I love how she memorizes songs so well. She knows so many songs and all the words to them. Just like her Mom. :)

I love her facial expressions and the when you say something exciting her eyes get huge! Sometimes I just say something ordinary with a voice of excitement and I love that she still gets excited about it. Or when she tells you a story how big her eyes get.

I love that she sings all the time, even if it is just talking about going to the couch to pick up a certain toy.

I love that she is so easy to have a conversation with. It is easy to explain important things to her and she seems so mature to me. She has always done well with talking and carrying on a conversation with me and I love the things that she says to me or that she asks me. I love that she says ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ 90% of the time. (that one took a lot of work on Alma and I’s behalf) but totally worth it. Not so much whining at our house.

She is my best friend who I look forward to seeing every morning. I check on her every night before bed, look at her and become in awe of the spirit that she has in her little body. I am so excited for the life she will have, and for the gift I have to share it with her and be a close part of her life. I pray that I never let a day go by without making the most of my time with her. And I hope she always knows that I love her more than anything and more than she will ever know (Or at least until she becomes a Mother)

These things don’t even quite begin to amount to all the things I love about you Kaitlyn. I wish I could write them all. You are truly one in a million girl! I hope you know that we know that!  Love you.023029


   Whitney just hit 6 months!!

                 We finally got Rain!!! So everyone came outside to play. You know it has been a hot summer when more kids come out when it rains than when it is sunny.



039Whitney is still not a huge fan of bottles, but is doing a lot better! We have hardly ever used them. She didn’t successfully drink out of one till about 4 months old, which I should have started her on it sooner just in case I needed to go somewhere I could and not feel so tied to her. But nursing is going a lot better with Whitney than it did with Kaitlyn (once Kaitlyn had a bottle she didn’t want to go back) so I have been a little bit nervous about her loving the bottle and not wanting to continue with Nursing. Alma was taking care of the girls the other day and had to feed Whitney, and Kaitlyn wanted to help. She is such a great helper!

PS. I love that picture because Whitney looks almost as big as Kaitlyn. Won’t be long till they are running around the best of friends. Whitney is growing up so fast!

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craig shipley said...

they are ridiculously adorable!! miss you guys glad all is well!