Saturday, October 8, 2011

Serious Picture overload…



My good friend Anna was sweet enough to spend a Saturday morning before she moved taking some great shots of my family. I think they turned out great!!!! Even though she has no Professional Experience in Photography they were just what we wanted.

We just wanted to not have to set the timer button and try to take our own!

It was super fun for me to load them on my computer and get to crop and mess with the Coloring of the photos to how I wanted them to look. Thanks Anna for taking these pictures for us so we can always have these to remember our family at this time.

009  012 014016046044069

 019  040 042  053 058049    060 174 173074 078 081  092 104  084109 119140  143 144 149 152  163     161034


Kenna said...

Love it! Pictures 152 and 161 are my favorites! What a beautiful family! {um . . and handsome, too. I couldn't leave Alma out. :)}

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

those are sooooo cute!! love the last ones of you guys as a family and how you guys can be actually be silly and pull it off (unlike tom and i!) Cute cute family!!!

Krissandra said...

Love all the photos Jessica! Your little family is precious. They grow up way too fast! Can you believe the big THREE is around the corner??!! Glad you guys are doing well ;)