Monday, October 24, 2011


This morning I woke up to Whitney's cry first.
I brought her into my bed and we cuddled while I fed her. Such a sweet moment that I get almost every morning. Just me and her.
It is quiet and she loves to cuddle, and I love that we just rub noses and how she softly touches my face. She smiles at me in the sweetest ways.

Then a few moments later, my Kaitlyn stumbles in my room, with her adorable jammies on, whatever she wanted to sleep in the night before.
(Most days, it is a dress over top of her jammies)
She tiptoes in and I can see the top of her head from where I lay. She always goes to Dads side, to look at the clock, make sure it is after 7am and if so, she climbs in on his side of the bed.
She grabs the sheets tightly and pulls herself up to our tall bed, hair all a mess and the most perfect, "Just woke up" look ever.
She, like every morning says, in the most perfect happy morning voice,
"It's Morning-time, Mom"
She laid next to me in my bed, cuddled up to me and Whitney and excited to see her sister says,
"Good Morning, Whitters!!"
Whitney got the BIGGEST smile, as if she has not seen her best friend Kate, for ages!

As I lay in a cool, quiet room with the sun not shining through my windows quite yet, the morning just about to break, my 2 beautiful girls laying next to me, listening to them interact with me and to each other, I can't help but think about how completely perfect life really is.
As I laid there this morning, I started to count my blessings. There are so many.

I am so grateful for my family, the blessings that they are and the blessings that we have.
In a few short years, we will be engulfed in the hustle and bustle of mornings, getting kids off to school, making lunches and setting alarm clocks...
Oh, how I will miss these simple moments!!!


Breeanna said...

Awwa how cute!

Dianne said...

absolutely perfect post!

Owen and Shannon said...

This made me get goosebumps and tear up. You're such a sweet mommy to 2 sweet little girls.