Monday, October 17, 2011

First Trip to Dads Work



We finally went to go see where Alma works downtown.

  I had been to the outside of his office a few times but never had the opportunity to go inside.

Last Friday, I went to visit a close friend of mine, Janelle, who lives downtown. We had lunch and talked and caught up while the kids played. It was wonderful. Afterwards, I went to pick up Alma from his office since we were super close to where he worked and it was just the right time for him to be heading home. He works at almost the highest floors in his building and the view was fantastic. I couldn’t get enough of it. I kept telling him his view was awesome and he would just chuckle and say,
“I actually don’t see it too much from my cubical.”

But now I know why he would text me sometimes and say, “Is it raining there?” He could actually see from his office!!!

Anyway, the girls loved it and this morning when Alma left to go to work, she begged him to go to work with him.  Maybe another day.

It was great to put faces with names and now be able to really view his office while he is gone during the day.




Texas is FLAT!

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