Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Alma and I have been wanting to go on a cruise for about 4 years and we have been planning to go on one with our close friends for about 2 years and we finally saved up and booked it and got babysitters and went! It was so much fun to go and do. The best part of it all was that busy season was over and I got to hang out with my hubby and play all day long. It was so great to reconnect with him and remember who each other are. And who we fell in love with.

It was a 5 day Cruise on Carnival from Galveston, TX to Progresso to Cozumel and back. 

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The Formal Night

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At the Comedy Club

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Progresso, MX

We went and rode bikes and then swam in the Cynotes. We snorkeled and then they fed us a yummy lunch.

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Cozumel, MX

Then we went to Cozumel and did Snuba, a mix between snorkel and scuba diving and then Alma and I went Jet Skiing and then we laid out on the beach and ate Tacos and Fajitas (My favorite meal) It was heaven!


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The water was so blue!

022  023 

We played card games (we bet with candy) played Shuffle board, danced, watched shows, laid out and had yummy Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri's, sat in the hot tub, ate pizza at 11pm, ping pong, miniature golf, basketball, water slides, shopping and ate yummy high class dinners every night. I tried Lobster and had a chocolate melting cake every night. It was a wonderful time! We slept in the cheapest rooms with no windows and so it was dark while we slept so we could sleep in. Which we only really did one day.

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Anna Tew said...

You look so beautiful in all those pictures. Like, beautiful.

Anna Tew said...

You look so beautiful in all those pictures. Like, beautiful.

Kristen Boyce said...

I am so glad that you guys got to go. We are going to have to figure out how to go together next time. :)