Saturday, August 31, 2013



Love these two together. They have moments just like any siblings would have, but they are super sweet to each other a lot of the time. I love them and their relationship and I am so glad they have each other.

IMG_20130804_194546_252   IMG_20130804_194523_119

They wanted to wear these big headbands. We got them at the dollar store one day and they have never wore them for more than 20 mins. But I got a couple pictures with them on. They are so big and crazy.

IMG_20130723_084431_531   IMG_20130723_084439_932  IMG_20130723_084614_170  IMG_20130723_084708_324




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One day it was time for Whitney's nap and she wasn’t really wanting to go. So Kaitlyn said, “Hey Whitney, if you go take a nap I will make a special present for you!”

It got Whitney to go to take a nap and she worked the whole 2 hours on this present for her. Coloring a picture for her and she cut out some pictures as toys. We got a bag for her to put it all in and she even made a card. It was so sweet.

Kaitlyn has such a loving heart.


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Chapples said...

so cute! Sisters = Best Friends!